Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello girls, Happy New Year! I love the fresh start feeling of the new year this weekend I finally took down all my Christmas decorations now the house looks a little naked, thankfully I have several cute valentines day decorations that I bought on sale last year. I don't know how the time got away from me, it feels like forever since I posted last. I don't know about everyone else but the longer I go in between posting the harder it is and I find myself feeling like I don't have anything to say...and I even consider stopping all together. But then something hits me and I miss blogging and staying connected with all my blog buddies.

This lotion is amazing, the girls at work who tried it loved it so I gave some away for Xmas gifts in cute glass jars from Hobby Lobby. This is worth making, instead of vitamin E cream I used vitamin E oil from Trader Joe's.An empty Kleenex box and dollar bills. Tape the dollar bills together end to end with Scotch tape. We did this for my 11 year old nephew this year for Christmas...sooo much fun :)Christmas was nice we had all the family over on Christmas day for dinner and presents. I made a lotion I saw on pinterest made with baby lotion, vitamin e oil, and vaseline, I put it into cute jars from hobby lobby and paired it with snuggle socks for the girls, that was a big hit. My nephew also received a present that was inspired from pinterest, we took fifty one dollar bills and taped them together end to end and stuffed them into a kleenex box, so when he opened it he pulled out a big long string of money similar to pulling scarfs out of a hat. That was super fun to gift to give.

Hubby and I didn't do too badly this holiday season, I only ate several of my very favorite cookies my godmother makes and just left the rest alone. We have a tradition of getting together the week before Christmas and making and exchanging cookies, I like the tradition of getting together but I could really do without all the cookies. This year my Mom was trying to talk to my godmother about scaling back the amount and variety of cookies but there didn't seem to be any interest in that...basically the attitude of everyone else involved is 'this is what we have always done, and we will keep doing it this way. I didn't really want any cookies to take home with me because the two of us don't need to be eating any cookies, but my Mom sent me home with some anyway so I shuffled them off to hubby's work.

Any way, hubby and I started off the new year by getting back to eating more salads and veggie stir fry's. We ate a lot of cheese between Christmas and New Years. Christmas Eve we had quiche, with Christmas day dinner we had cheese potatoes, and last week before New Years my Mom invited us over for fondue for one last indulgence before the getting back to healthy eating in the new year. After a week of eating lots of green veggies I feel better, the amount of cheese and salt we consumed was a little overwhelming.

I hope everyone has a good start to the week. Hubby and I woke up to six inches of fresh snow simply beautiful! We had a joint task force and we shoveled our driveway, our patio on top of the garage and our front. The joys of being a new homeowner :)