Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My thoughts about WW

Hello everyone, it's been a busy one around here lately. The in-law's didn't say much about the chili except my FIL said thanks for the meal, so who knows what they thought about it. I gave some to a friend at work who is also doing WW and she loved it, I thought it was good so I'm not stressing about whether they liked it or not. I don't think I'm gonna make them a meal this week because my FIL is out of town and my SIL who doesn't work  is staying with the MIL.

Since several of you have asked me about what I think about WW vs. the BFC I put a little thought into it and here are my thoughts:
  • On WW some things can be high in sugar but low is points, I find this strange and  I always try to chose natural products when I can, and I am always mindful on the sugar content.
  • Hubby and I are doing WW online which I love, the website is super easy to use and it has a lot of helpful tips, success stories and links to blogs. When I track my food and activity for the day I feel good like I've earned a gold star for the day.
  • I still love and use the products I tried while doing the bfc: Jay Robb protein powder, unsweetened almond mild,  and smart and delicious low carb tortillas.
  • Even though we are eating yogurt again I prefer the plain greek yogurt because it is low in sugar and very satisfying and filling.
  • I do partake in a little of fake sugar in the light yogurts, but other than an occasional diet coke I stay away from the fake sugar, and I still use stevia to sweeten things.
  • It is really nice to be eating fruit again I especially missed having apples, but from what I learned on the BFC I limit the amount and portion size because even though the sugar in fruit is natural we still don't need to go gung ho on it.
  • I have not gone back to drinking or using milk, I think it's gross and unhealthy, and whenever a recipe calls for low-fat milk I always use the unsweetened almond milk and I can't even tell the difference.
  • I have found I need to  be careful in some of the WW recipes I try many of them rely heavily on fake sugar or other low-fat products with creepy ingredients. Basically I try to stick to my food philosophy even when it's hard. (especially cool whip)
  • If I can think of anything else I'll try to write it down so I remember to share, half the time my good ideas are long gone by the time I sit down to post :)
On other non-diet news last weekend hubby put down our dining room carpet that my in-laws gave us, it's the perfect size for the space, and now that we have that down we can start looking for fabric to recover the dining room set. Hubby also set up the our guest bed, my in-laws have given us so much of their time and stuff that I think we should have a plack  to commemorate their generosity. Slowly very slowly this house is coming together.

Trader Joe's Gourmet Chicken MeatballsThis week I made hubby buffalo chicken in the crock pot from inspiration from the skinnytaste site. I put two frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot on low with a cup of franks buffalo sauce and let it cook all day, when I got home I took it out shredded it and added the rest of the buffalo sauce. Hubby loved it! I put the chicken on a skinnybun with a little light blue cheese for a quick tasty dinner. I didn't make any for myself because I don't usually care for anything buffalo due to the tabasco. Instead I cooked a spaghetti squash, I added veggies, low sugar spaghetti sauce from Trader Joe's, several chicken meatballs also from Trader Joe's, fresh basil, and moz....Yummm. Tomorrow's lunch is zucchini, broccoli, chicken meatball, TJ spaghetti sauce, ricotta, fresh basil and Italian parsley, ricotta and parm.

I guess that's all for now, the moral of this story is life is good over here at the McCoy house, have a wonderful day :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Down 8 lbs :)

Supposed to be the best cupcake/cake batter recipe ever. Wedding cake flavor! Another pinner said - I used this recipe today & it was the BEST! On the site is a link to the matching buttercream & I'll never use another frosting recipe every AGAIN!!
This is the picture from pinterest, my frosting was not this perfect.
Hello everyone, things are good over here hubby and I are still doing WW I am down 8 lbs :) I have been really good with exception to the holiday weekend. Fridays are a day that hubby and I seem to be able to cheat a bit with a couple extra drinks and still lose but last Friday we had our cheat day, that we followed up with a cheat Saturday, and a cheat Monday when our neighbors invited us over for fajitas. The good news is we were much better this weekend.

good for showers- Strawberries Filled with ready-made cheesecake filling, delicious and easy when you need to bring something to a partyYesterday I helped host a bridal shower for one of the girls at work, man I never realized how much work goes into a shower. I was responsible for a chicken salad and croissants, cupcakes, and a cracker appetizer with bacon. My first thought was to buy cupcakes from a bakery, but when I looked into the cost I almost had a small heart attack when I realized I would be paying $ 36 for a dozen. I don't like to bake and I am not very confident in my baking abilities but I made a batch of wedding cake cupcakes from a recipe on pinterest. They were not diet friendly by any means but they were good, I made sure to give them all away and I didn't save any for hubby and myself. I also made some stuffed strawberries I also saw on pinterest, again this is the picture from pinterest mine were not this perfect looking but they were easy and worth making again. The recipe I chose for the strawberries was cream cheese, powdered sugar, and almond extract. I bet it would work just as well with stevia instead of powdered sugar.

Tonight I have been prepping the turkey pumpkin chili from skinnytaste to put in the crock pot tomorrow. I am making a double recipe because I am taking some to my in-laws. Almost a month ago my MIL fell and broke her left ankle and left wrist. She doesn't like things that seem weird or out of the box so I am only telling her that it is turkey chili and not pumpkin chili :) Have a wonderful week everyone.