Sunday, May 29, 2011

135.6 whoo hooo :)

Good evening friends, and Happy Sunday Night! Don't you love a long weekend? I do!!! Tonight is like a Saturday and Sunday combined :) And on to the best news...135.6 lbs :) feelin good and motivated to keep up the bfc :) I really hope to hear how Lindsay, Sherri and Kasey are doing on the bfc. Have a great night :)

There will never be a perfect day to follow the BFC

Good morning everyone, and thank you for such nice comments yesterday. Next time I am at the store I plan of trying the peach tea that you guys suggested. I love that tea and coffee can be so relaxing or energizing, and bfc friendly if you don't load them up with sugar or fake sugar. Yesterday hubby and I made a nice egg scramble for brunch and laid on the couch and watched the Sopranos, we then went grocery shopping and after that I took an amazing nap. When I woke up hubby made us a nice pork chop, asparagus and roasted potato dinner and we watched more Sopranos. I did have one beer before dinner which was nice and I'm proud of myself for not having more.

I read a great article titled Characteristics for Success by Shannon Dey  from Fitness Rx Magazine April 2011l. The first thing we have to realize is there will never be a perfect day to get started on any diet or exercise plan. Life happens every day, we are often stressed, tired and have a lot on our plates. We shouldn't let that deter us from our goals, successful people deal with life's curve balls and get back on the wagon. "The woman who succeeds  finds a way to make it work consistently day in and day out, knowing there will NEVER be a perfect day to start or follow her plan". That is just a small snippet but it's what stood out to me.

I am feeling really motivated to get where I want to be. My HS class president is taking a survey on facebook to see if there is enough interest in having our 10 year HS reunion. I went to a small school there was only 41 in my graduating class. I hope we have one, although I have mixed feelings about going. I do and I don't want to go...I'm sure everyone can relate to that feeling. I am glad I am doing the bfc and exercising cuz if we do have one I want to feel good about how I look. A little selfish I know, but hey it's the truth. Well, I guess that's all for now...keep up the bfc :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Havin a Chill BFC Saturday Morning

Good morning, first of all a big whoo hoo to Randi only 2 more lbs to go!!! Awesome, you have been rockin the bfc! I don't know what my goal weight is, I want to be healthy and feel and look good. I discovered a new workout dvd by Tracy Anderson method mat. She is a celeb trainer who works Gwyneth Paltrow who I think is beautiful. So now I do zumba, pilates and tracy anderson. My body is starting to feel slimmer :) I am really enjoying working out at home, especially now that I work full time. I used to go to the gym all the time but between travel and workout time it was a big chunk of time.

 Working out is truly one of the best things I can do for myself, it helps my mood and I feel better and I know it is good for my body. I really believe in prevention, I don't understand why so many people only exercise if they are fat and need to lose weight. When some people are young and have high metabolisms they think they can eat whatever they want and make changes later, I see that they are only reinforcing bad habits when they are young and will have a hard time later in life. Just because the consequences are not immediate doesn't mean they aren't there.

No big plans for the holiday weekend, mostly our usual grocery/laundry. But it will be nice to be able to relax hubby leaves Friday to fly to Philly to help his folks move back home. My in-laws are the best and it will be nice to have them close. We were able to visit a couple of times and it was amazing. The East Coast and the West Coast are so different.....hubby and I wish we could go live on the East Coast for a couple of years. But there are a lot of downsides to being so far from family especially the high cost of travel during the holidays. Well, I guess that's all for now. Have a great Saturday :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

No time like the present

Hello friends and Happy Friday! I still haven't fixed my blog it's been a busy week, but I'm sure hubby can help me with it this weekend. Where have all the bfc'ers gone? I am hoping everyone has just been busy. I have been doing pretty good food wise, no wine since Sunday :) Hubby and I went to the store yesterday to get him some beer and he asked me what I wanted and I told him get whatever you want cuz I'm not drinking this weekend. We drank a lot of wine last week although it was super fun (we drank our wine in the park) so this week we decided not to drink during the work week. I have told hubby that I need to give up my beloved red wine for awhile in order to get to where I want to be. I've known this for a long time, I just didn't want to do it...but hey no time like the present, it's time for me to stop making excuses.

So friends, what things do you need to give up to get to where you want to be? Is is small bites, licks, or tastes of cheats? Is it bad carbs? Are you not being honest with yourself on what you are really eating. If you are having a rough time I encourage you to re-read the book or watch some of Jorge's videos on youtube. I want to feel good in my summer clothes and I want all my friends to feel good too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog problems

Something is wrong with my blog. Signing in has been a pain in the ass...and then when I bring up others blogs it shows that I am not signed in, if I try to sign in then it sends me to my dashboard. I'm not sure what needs to be done I'm not gonna mess with it before work hopefully I can fix it when I get off. GRRRRRR. Anyway, I just wanted to share cuz Helen said hers was jacked up too and there is always something comforting in knowing that you are not the only one.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No excuses

Good morning everyone. I don't have too much to say this morning, I just wanted to check in with everyone. Since I said that I want to get down to 135 by the end of June and the biggest roadblock for me is wine, what did I want last night after work, you guessed it Wine. I resisted and this morning I feel good. I don't drink everyday and I don't drink to get drunk when I do. I have learned while doing the bfc that red wine is more belly friendly for me than beer. I have decided that I am at a point where I don't want to make excuses anymore. I've been doing zumba in the morning and I love it I am glad I found it on vuze because doing it in my own living  room makes me more likely to do it. Last night instead of having wine I had peach tea.

I hope everyone has a great belly friendly Tuesday! My plan for the week is not to make excuses, just to buck up and do what I need to do :) BFC friends I encourage you to do the same, one step at a time we will get to where we want to be. LETS STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Setting a goal: 135 or less by June 21st

Good evening everyone, today was a great day. I got my zumba in and we went to my folks to hang out and do some laundry. I have a massive knot in my left shoulder which has been a big pain in the ass all day. Hubby rubbed it for me and used a massage machine which helped and I took an epsom salt bath. With summer right around the corner I have set a goal for myself to be a solid 135 or under by June 21st. The biggest thing I need to do to get there is to stop drinking wine. Even though I am only drinking 1-2 glasses I know they are a road block for me. So all my bfc friends I could really use your support and accountability in reaching this goal, I don't want to make excuses I just want to get there. Well, I guess that's all for now....I just wanted to put that out there, have a great night everyone :)

19th Week BFC Day 5

Good morning friends! My Saturday is starting off great I am relaxing in bed catching up on Bravo's Real Housewives I like my drama on tv and not in my personal life...although sometimes I would really love to tell the pretentious condescending women that they can shove it where the sun doesn't shine. It's crazy how so many people are willing to put there personal lives out there to make money, I understand reality shows that feature someones business such as the Cake Boss on the food network. I am a very private person, and I am very quiet and you will never catch me on a reality show. At first even having a  blog was a stretch for me.

Yesterday was a great day, I got off work early and hubby came and picked me up. We put a chicken on the bbq and went to the park to enjoy the sun with some cab sav. Hubby called into work sick which is something he never does so he could go to the community colleges and start getting ready for school in the the fall. I'm glad he started yesterday because it has kinda been making him a little anxious. He found out that while he is in school he has the opportunity to do work study through the VA which is a huge blessing because in his job now he works outside and that is taxing during crappy weather. Hubby is such a good man he is getting ready to help move his parents back from Philly the first weekend of June. I'm sure he would have helped them move over there in the first place but they left in 2007 while he was in Iraq.

Well, I should get my butt up and do some zumba I have learned about myself if I put it off I am less likely to do it later. Well, in case the world ends today it's been nice knowing all of you :) LOL

Friday, May 20, 2011

19th Week BFC Day 4

Hello friends, and Happy Friday. Yesterday was a weird day for must be because I am pmsing. So I took my baby gift to work with the intention of just dropping it off but the shower had started so I stayed for awhile. I then left to go grocery shopping and was in a funk I felt like I looked bad in my new I felt anxious for no reason. Well, I came  home and put a spaghetti sauce in the crock pot because I am trying to clean out my freezer and I had frozen roasted tomatoes from last years garden. I also baked meatballs. When hubby got home we went to the park across the street and drank some wine. Which was so amazing and nice. And I wore shorts for the first time...I felt good in them and avoided the usual pout session of previous years when they didn't fit very good. Whoo Hooo for the bfc, I'm glad I started before short season rolled around.

After the park we had a smart and delicious tortilla with the meatballs and just a little sauce since sauce is so high in sugar. Hubby and I got in a stupid fight which ruined the rest of our evening :( At least we made up this morning :) 

*zumba 20 min before breakfast....cardio party after.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

19th Week BFC Day 3

Good morning friends, yesterday flew on by. On a friends facebook page she had her horoscope posted which happens to be the same as mine Aquarius, I don't put much stock in astrology but man some of it really fit me yesterday "you're not in the mood for routine, self-discipline or making nice. You want to take care of yourself -- so do it! You've got sick days, so take one -- or even two. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health." I had the day off yesterday because a co-worker desperately needed some hours and I wanted a day off...I thought I would be super motivated with my day off but at first I had a hard time getting going. I just pushed through it and got everything done I wanted to. Zumba cardio party in the morning, I cleaned my kitchen, got a baby gift for a co-worker who is having twin girls, made her a super cute baby card, hung out with my Mom, got some new make-up I desperately needed, sat outside in the sun and had dinner with my folks.

I am now under 138 lbs....Lately I've been 136.4 and 137.4 I feel good and my clothes are getting looser. I am feeling good about myself these days and that feeling is priceless :) Well, I better get going I have today off as well and there is a lot I want to get done.

*Zumba cardio party

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

19th Week BFC Day 2

Hello everyone! Thank you for your comments, you guys helped me to put things into perspective. Instead of being pissed at my hubby having his hours cut I'm grateful they did that instead of cutting jobs, and in regards to his co-worker I need to be a good listener when hubby needs to vent about him and not take on his problems. Randi's post from the other day helped me realize that, thanks Randi :)

Ezekiel bread is good, but I have been eating it our of convenience we didn't do any real grocery shopping during the weekend hubby and our nephew picked up stuff for their boys night, and Sunday we picked up sandwich stuff for the week. Plus hubby does HS youth group on Monday nights so I don't usually like to make dinner just for myself. Today was another sandwich day...egg sandwich for breakfast and 2 turkey sandwiches through the day. I just felt hungry today and I ate a lot.

Breakfast: black coffee egg sandwich with Ezekiel bread and 2 fried eggs

Morning snack: turkey colby cheese and avo sandwich on Ezekiel bread black coffee 1 square ghiradelli chocolate

Lunch: another turkey sandwich with avo, spinach salad with green olives, tomatoes and parm cheese with newman's olive oil and vin dressing, another square of ghiradelli chocolate

Snack: rest of salad and another square of chocolate, lots of water with lemon, 2 saltine crackers with peanut butter

Dinner: glass red wine, steak, potatoes, artichoke

*20 min zumba before breakfast

Monday, May 16, 2011

19th Week BFC Day 1

Hello everyone, and Happy Monday! Boy howdy I had a case of the monday's today (from office space) didn't want to get up, didn't want to do 20min zumba before work...blah blah blah. Work was fine, I did haul my sorry ass up at 5:30 to do 20min of zumba before breakfast. After work I got a pedicure :) It felt sooo good. I am so glad I can bend my knee comfortably now, last June I had one done and it was a little uncomfortable to get it in the foot bath.

Life it good. Although I'm having a little trouble not allowing some of hubby's work stuff to piss me off. His hours were cut and he has a co-worker who is a lazy piece of shit worker and all the company did was write him up. I don't really want to go into the details about it all, I'm just having a hard time not being pissed about things that aren't my fight. Life is not smooth or fair, and sweating the small stuff isn't worth it. Easier said than done for me, but I'm working on it. On the bright side a four day work week will allow hubby to better get his ducks in a row for school in the fall.

Breakfast: 1 corn tortilla with ground beef, spinach, zuc, pork chop mixture and black coffee

Snack: sandwich with Ezekiel bread, colby cheese, avo, tomato, turkey, cheese its

Lunch: another turkey sandwich with green olives and tortilla chips

Dinner: ezekiel sandwich with colby cheese and parm melted with tomato, 1 glass of Merlot...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

18th Week BFC Day 7

Good morning everyone!!! Today is looking like it will be another great day. I've already done pilates and zumba while hubby is sleeping and now I am making some coffee. Yesterday was such a nice and relaxing day, I went to walmart in the morning and got random things I needed. I bought some ghirardelli intense dark midnight reverie 86% cacao that came individually wrapped, perfect for keeping on the go snacks. 4 pieces have 5g of sugar, but 1-2 is perfect and I think 4 would actually be too much.

After we took our nephew home we went for a walk in the park it was so fun to see what is in bloom now we are going to try to go every week to enjoy the park. I feel so blessed to be where I am now, this time last year I was getting ready to have some hardware taken out of my knee because it had worked it's way out of the bone and was digging into my thigh which made it hard to go for walks. Now I am hardware free and I am building strength back in my knee and hips. When we got home hubby had an appt so I went and sat in the park across the street listened to my ipod and did some journaling. Having a safe place to get your feelings out is so wonderful and I feel refreshed and focused.

We had smart and delicious burritos for dinner and then we walked to the store for a bottle of cab sav. The smart and delicious tortillas have totally grown on me, they make such quick breakfast's, lunch's and dinner's. I love quick, healthy meals especially now that I often get off of work after 6:30.

How are you all doing? How is May going? Are you staying on the wagon, or has the busyness of life gotten in the way? Life will always be busy, and taking the path of poor food choices will always be easiest. If you have fallen off get back on and try again. Make small realistic changes to help get you to where you want to be. Don't give up!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

18th Week BFC Day 6

Hello friends, the blogger trouble really put a hitch in my giddy-up. Sharing and seeing how everyone is doing is something I look forward to and it helps keep me honest. The week at work sucked probably cuz I am pmsing and the weather was nice and I wasn't able to get a day off...such is life. Now that we have gotten used to the trimmed bush tree things we actually like it better. One rude lady was walking by and stared into our place the whole way...I don't mind folks looking in for a min I think that's no big deal, but she seemed intent on looking in. My hubby stared back at her and she finally looked away...weirdo's everywhere.

Yesterday after work my sis-in-law and I went out which is something we haven't done in a long time due to lack of funds. We tried a new restaurant but it was overpriced and kinda stuffy so we just had a drink and stuffed mushrooms, I'm glad we tried it but we won't be going back. We then went to another place and had a small salad each, I had another glass of cab sav...our eyes were bigger then our tummies cuz we also ordered sweet potato fries and a brie dish. I tried not to eat too many sweet potato fries since they are high in sugar. So she took the rest of the fries and brie home. While we were out hubby and my nephew had a guy's night, they played basketball, video games and watched movies. Today hubby made us breakfast and they are watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I hope everyone has an awesome Saturday :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

18th Week BFC Day 3

Hello everyone. Today was another beautiful day that I missed....I was really hoping that I could get the day off, but my co-worker had other plans. I worked late and hubby worked late. And to top things off my landlord trimmed the bushes in front of our slider that gave us privacy...bloody hell! The other apts had their bushes more trimmed and they wanted a more uniformed look, which is understandable it just sucks for us because we had more privacy before. More motivation to get out of our apt and into a house.

Before work I did pilates and zumba cardio party and sat in the sun for 15mins before is good, sometimes the small things piss me off. Bfc friends please continue to post so that we can support each other and help keep each other accountable. I know blogging takes time and life is busy, but I really believe having a supportive network when trying to lose weight or make a lifestyle change is the key to success. I turned down homemade spit pea soup because the last time I had it my bfc friends told me it was high in sugar.  Bfc friends hang in there we are doing this for out health and to feel good about ourselves and to fit into cute summer clothes....don't give up!!!!

*zumba and pilates before work

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

18th Week BFC Day 2

Hello friends, if it's not one thing its was another amazing spring day too bad didn't go out in it before work, while at work I got cranky that I was missing being out in the amazing weather. I held a little pitty party for myself, and I tried to get tomorrow off when that didn't work I purposed to change my attitude. I ate 2 squared of my fav ghiradelli dark chocolate and had some peach tea. Bigelow peach tea is truly one of my favorite things it smells amazing and always lifts my mood.

So tomorrow I plan to get outside before work. I made my lunch tonight so I will have time to do that. I have been doing really good with getting zumba in before work and I want to keep it up. My midsection feels stronger and leaner and I've never felt that way before. I have been trying to get in the 20 min express before breakfast, and the cardio party after breakfast before work.

Yesterday I had a cheat, I didn't eat dinner cuz I was drinking cab sav while giving myself a bikini wax while hubby was at youth group. I use naughty nad's bikini wax, its a wax that hardens on the skin and you don't need strips to pull it off. I hate to shave my bikini area and doing it myself saves a ton of money. Anyway I ended up drinking too much wine I got the little bottles with the plan of drinking  two, but after two my resolve was down and I drank all four. I am disappointed that I did that, but I've forgiven myself and I'm moving on. That's a big thing I've learned on the important it is to forgive yourself and move on. When we don't succed at first, try again.

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, black coffee

Morning snack: 1/2 ezekiel bread sandwich with pepper jack cheese and tomato, 1 baby bell cheese, 2 squares dark chocolate, peach tea

Lunch: spinach salad with salmon, olives, asparagus, olive oil and vin dressing, green onions rest of ezekiel sandwich

Snack : 2 squares dark chocolate with peanut butter

Dinner 2 corn tortillas, sour cream, green onions, salmon, peach tea

*20 min zumba before breakfast, cardio party after breakfast

Monday, May 9, 2011

18th Week BFC Day 1

Hello friends! What a Monday, did you guys feel the same way? Ahh.....touch and go weather all weekend and a beautiful Monday, go figure. As to my 10 yr reunion, no official word yet just my opinion as if I should go or not. I plan to go, if nothing else I will end up with good stories. I can be hard on myself, I haven't finished college and I don't have kids...the stuff you feel you need at reunions...but I have an awesome hubby and  a good marriage...and I know one day school will fall in place.

Today I saw my sis-in-law, she is a great person and I love her very much. My nephew will be 9 in July and I love him so much. I used to be the shinny penny along with grandma, but now grandpa and uncle Todd are cool....but it's all good. Uncle Todd is planning to have Logan spend the night  on Friday, that means my sis-in-law and I plan to have a girls night..yay!!!!

*20 min Zumba before breakfast...even though I had to drag my sorry ass out of bed :) I usually work at 10, today I worked at 7:30

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!! Today was a great day, I did 20 min zumba before breakfast and before hubby got up, went to church even though I wanted to stay home. We went to costco and bought my hubby some new levi's which look great on him for only $22, our sonicare heads were on sale and got some salmon and shrimp per my Mom's request. I love salmon but we don't eat a lot of it, I find it expensive for the two of us, plus we get lots of omega-3's from nuts and barleans. We then went to the store and got a few things and some beautiful tulips for my Mom, costco's flowers were expensive and didn't look very good, Safeway had beautiful flowers for a good price.

I talked to my mother-in-law they are moving back to WA from Philly next month and I talked to my sister-in-law. I feel like I had a good productive day with the fam. My folks and Sadie came over for dinner and we had a super nice time. I am very blessed with a good family and hubby's family is awesome. One of the best things I like about having company over is how nice and clean we make everything :)

Kay the smart and delicious tortillas have grown on me...I love that they are high in fiber and they make such easy breakfasts and lunches. Maybe you would like them if you gave them another shot.

Well, I guess that's all for now...the weekend went by too fast as usual. I hope everyone has a nice Monday and makes belly good options. Short and bathing suit season is just around the corner, I want  to keep up the bfc cuz I want to be happy with myself this summer. My 10yr HS reunion is coming up this summer...I decided today I will probably go, I wasn't sure before. I figure if I don't like it or feel uncomfortable I can always leave early, but if I don't go I might regret it. Besides I feel better about myself now than I have in a long time...and not just because I have lost weight.

17th Week BFC Day 7

Hello and Happy Mother's Day!!!! Yesterday was a great day we sold most of our crap I learned that hubby is a good little salesman and my Mom is a good haggler :) I made lunch and coffee for everyone. It rained in the morning but that was ok everything was in the garage and the sun came and went the rest of the day. I brought my smart and delicious tortillas and had a breakfast burrito, and for lunch made wraps with spinach, leftover pork roast cheese and a little tomatoes. Super yummy, I think I will keep bringing the tortillas over for belly good options.

Some of the bfc is rubbing off on my folks...yay!! My Dad had a cinco de mayo party at work and a co-worker was telling him he should have some lemonade...he looked at the can and it had 42g of sugar and he didn't drink it. Kudos for him. He used to get the kirkland brand weight loss shakes several years ago and I remember they had a ton of sugar, crazy huh.

Well, I guess thats all for now we need to go to costco today and get some shrimp and other things cuz my folks are coming over for Mothers Day. I hope everyone has a great day :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

17th Week BFC Day 5

Hello everyone TGIF!!! Whoo Hoo!!! I did not do any exercise this morning, I woke up with cramps :( so I took some drugs laid on my heating pad and watched Grey's Anatomy on hulu before work. Tomorrow my folks and some neighbors are having a garage sale and we have some items to contribute. So we are staying the night at my folks, it's kinda nice to come and stay this is the house I grew up in so I feel very comfortable. I don't care what my Mom does to my old room, it's still mine lol. Right now it's the guest bedroom/sewing room but she wants it to be her sewing room and make the other spare bedroom the guest room.

Not much else to say, my folks want me to come hang out in the family room.

Breakfast: 1/4c oatmeal with walnuts and blackberry barleans, black coffee

Lunch: burrito with smart and delicious tortilla leftover pork roast cilantro, pepper jack cheese, tomato super yummy, celery with peanut butter cucumber

Snack: flax mufiing thing with almond butter and black coffee lots of water with lemon during the day

Dinner: asian type stew thing at my folks over wild rice

Thursday, May 5, 2011

17th Week BFC Day 4

It's Cinco de Mayo, and boy howdy do I wish I had margarita. Today would have been a good day to play hooky and get a pedicure and margarita, it was busy busy at work....always something to complain about. I go up this morning and dragged my sorry ass out of bed to do 20 mins of zumba before breakast, it was very tough this morning but I felt better after I did it and it helped me wake up. Hubby didn't do it this morning he had a dr. appt this morning. Maybe this weekend he will give zumba a couple more chances. He needs to start exercising consistently and if zumba isn't the right fit no big deal. Kudos to your husband Helen I hope he keeps it up :)

My posture has been getting better lately, I used to kinda stick my butt out with out thinking about it, now that my abs are getting stronger it feels good to keep them a little tight. I don't have much else to say I hope everyone has a nice Friday tomorrow :)

Breakfast: 1/2c oatmeal with walnuts and barleans, black coffee

Lunch: pork roast sandwich on 2 slices Ezekiel bread, with a cut up baby bell for cheese, spinach salad with cucumbers, blue cheese, walnuts olive and oil dressing

Snack: 2 squares ghiradelli with peanut butter, black coffee

Dinner: 2 corn tacos with pork, avo, pepper jack cheese, lime, cilantro, tiny bit tomato, sour cream, part of sam adams beer for cinco de mayo

*20 mins zumba before breakfast, zumba cardio party after breakfast before work.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

17th Week BFC Day 3

Hello my friends!!! Today the weather was awesome, too bad I had to work at  least we have lots of windows and great views. So hubby and I did 20 mins of zumba before breakfast although I should have had him do the intruction dvd was really funny watching him try to shake his hips. He didn't really like it but he said he would give it another shot...5:30 is a hard time to try anything new. After work we walked to a local pub sat outside and I had 2 glasses of wine and hubby had 2 was awesome!!! At home we had pork roast we cooked in the crock pot..yummers.

Diana, I hope you like zumba but if you don't it's no big deal, it isn't for everybody. Lindsay I'm glad you are back I hope things get in a good groove with your new roommates. Making food ahead of time is a big help when you are short on time and trying to eat good. I guess that's all for now, I am gettin tired. :)

Breakfast: burrito with smart and delicious tortilla, leftover chicken, cilantro, 2 scrambled eggs, cilantro, turkey sausage, black coffee

Lunch: stri fry with shiratakki noodles kale mushroom edamame, macadamia nuts, 1 square ghiradelli

Dinner: 2 glasses red wine, 2 pork tacos with sour cream, cilantro and pork roast

* 20 min zumba before breakfast, pilates after breakfast before work

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

17th Week BFC Day 2

Hello friends, thank you for the nice comments and input on my amazon order. The dreary weather is really getting to me I could really use some nice spring sun. Hopefully it is nice this weekend my parents and their neighbors are having a garage sale on Sat and hubby and I are putting a bunch of our crap in. Hopefully some stuff goes and what doesn't go we will donate. I don't really have much to say today, hubby said he would do zumba with me tomorrow morning so hopefully he will. He has said he will do zumba with me, I asked him if he wanted to tonight and he said he would tomorrow. He needs to start exercising his cholesterol is high and he needs to try and lower it on his own. He is very willing to do this by diet and exercise it's just a matter of getting him started and getting him in a groove. So think positive thoughts for hubby :)

Breakfast: burrito with smart and delicious tortilla 3 turkey sausage links, pepper jack cheese, sour cream, 1 small tomato. The smart and delicious tortillas have really grown on me and I love breakfast burritos. black coffee with benefiber.

Lunch: wrap with smart and delicious tortilla bacon, chicken, spinach, 2 small tomatoes, mini green olives, 1 baby bell cheese, black coffee.

Snack: celery, 2 saltines one with peanut butter and one with a dab of nutella more coffee and lots of water

Dinner: tacos, 2 corn tortillas chicken, avo, cilantro, tiny bit small tomato, pepper jack cheese, napa cabbage sour cream

*20 mins zumba before breakfast, pilates after breakfast before work

Monday, May 2, 2011

17th Week BFC Day 1 makin my amazon list

Hello everyone!!! Thank you for the nice comments you guys really made my day  :) The Feb 27th pics are not true starting pics cuz I started the bfc in Jan, now that I can see a difference I wish I had taken some when I first started. To be honest I didn't think the bfc would work for me, I didn't see big results at first and sometimes there is a negative voice in my head that tells me I will never lose weight. I didn't start to believe that I could do it until I found the bfc blog community, if I hadn't found all of you I'm sure I would be off the bfc driving my husband crazy asking him if I look fat in my jeans.

I want to share something from the back of clemmy's ice cream carton that really spoke to me. " High sugar diets are directly associated with serious health complications including obesity and type 2 diabetes. As a result, experts predict that by 2020 half of all Americans will have some form of diabetes". Crazy huh, I find that super powerful and scary. But lower real sugar, no fake sugar, better carbs and smaller portions of carbs is a wonderful way to go. It can be hard at times, but in end it's worth it. The things that are truly worthwhile are worth working for.

My amazon list, I would appreciate your feedback on products you like and I should order, or try something else. :)

Nature's Hollow Hickory Maple Sugar Free BBQ Sauce
Nature's Hollow Sugar Free Ketchup
Nature's Hollow Raspberry and other flavors
Nature's Hollow honey substitute
Joseph’s maple syrup
Joseph’s malitol
Judy’s candy triple treat caramels

Sunday, May 1, 2011

16th Week BFC Day 7 Picture Day

Hello everyone! Thanks for the encouragement, I feel ok with the scale not going down especially after I took new pictures today...what do you guys think of my new pictures? The pic of hubby and I is from our weekend away...I wasn't sure if I wanted to post the others, but hey a picture is worth a thousand words. Today was a great day, the sun was out and hubby and I took a nice walk. We did some grocery shopping and we got a pork roast to put in the crock pot, and I got some new concealer and mascara. I'm not a big make up person, but concealer is wonderful. Then my folks invited us out to dinner at a pizza place we had never been to, I had three small slices of thin crust pizza, very tasty probably more sugar than I am used to eating but still good.

Kay, I use xylo sweet brand of xylitol I got it at a local health food store and for 3lb it was 19.99, but it lasts a long time I've had mine since January. It might be cheaper to get online especially if you had other products to order. And thank you for the advice about shoes :)

I share with hubby how everyone is doing and he is rooting for all of you. He is also doing the bfc, we are trying to make this a lifestyle change. So, I noticed today that the orrowheat english muffins have suclarose in them :( boo. Not that we are big english muffin eaters but they were much cheaper than rudi's. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. I hope we hear from Sherri and Lindsay soon, I have been thinking about them and  how they are doing. I really think about all of my bfc friends not just how you are doing with the bfc but how things are going in your personal lives.

Brunch: breakfast burrito with smart and delicious tortilla, scrambled eggs, chicken, avocado, pepper jack cheese, sour cream, green onion, tiny bit tomato, black coffee with benefiber

Snack: macadamia nuts and sobe lifewater strawberry dragonfruit flavor

Dinner: 3 small slices thin crust pizza with pepperoni, artichokes, tiny bit of onion...It was a nice evening out with my folks. I didn't have any alcohol since the pizza was probably higher in carb and sugar than I usually eat.

*20 min zumba before breakfast while hubby slept

16th Week BFC Day 6

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday!!! I was planning to blog yesterday evening for the day but we got home from my folks late. My hubby is helping his uncle by fixing his van so he can sell it, so he was gone most of the morning. While he was gone I relaxed and drank coffee and caught up on my favorite shows on hulu. Then I did zumba's cardio party...when I first started some of the moves hurt my knee ( I broke my knee cap a year ago and had to have it surgically fixed) but I think it is really helping me to get strength back in my knee and hip.

We went to my folks for dinner and to do laundry. For dinner we had asparagus, chard, au gratin  potatoes, and ham..the ham we had was from some friends who raise pigs and it was very lean and super tasty. For dessert I made lemon bars from Lauren's healthy indulgences blog...yum! Although they were a little sweet so next time I think I will use less xyiltol and more lemon. My hubby loves all things lemon so it was great to find him a healthy alternative. If you look up the recipe they are the raspberry swirll lemon bars, but I omitted the raspberries cuz hubby didn't want them.

Yesterday was the last day of my anitibiotics yay! My face has cleared up and I am so thankful. I know I am losing weight because my clothes fit much better, but the scale isn't going down. I've been 138 for a while now. I am hoping I am losing fat and gaining muscle, because I didn't consistently exercise before I started the bfc. I showed my Mom my tummy yesterday and she said "wow" so I guess I shouldn't worry about the stupid scale.

Breakfast:  Orowheat healthful 10 grain english muffin with 31g carb, 2g sugar and 7g fiber...with almond butter and black coffee

Lunch: spinach chicken salad with cucumber, heirloom tomato, basil, blue cheese, walnuts, newman's Caesar dressing...I sam adams beer

Snack: cheese stick and walnuts

Dinner: ham, asparagus, chard, au gratin potatoes, 1 small lemon bar for dessert

*Zumba cardio party