Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, thank you for such wonderful comments on my last post, you guys are so awesome!!! It feels like a lot has happened since I last posted, Thursday hubby and I celebrated our 4th anniversary we joke that it has been four LONG years, being able to laugh with each other and at each other is a wonderful part of our relationship.

Today we had a nice day with my folks after church we had a ham and quiche brunch, my Mom made a quiche with almond flour that was delicious, and no one could taste a difference. Almond flour is defiantly a keeper in my book, yesterday I made two almond flour pizzas which turned out so yummy, I only put 1/2 tsp of salt in this time instead of 1 tsp. I still love coconut flour but it doesn't seem as versatile as almond flour because everything has a coconut taste to it.

I am looking forward to my second zumba class tomorrow with Sandy. Did I mention that my Mom and I are going together, It's fun that we are trying this together. Hubby and I are still working out together, but it is getting a little challenging now that he is back in school, but it feels good every time that we make the time to do it because we want to be healthy in shape people, and we don't want to keep using the excuse "we don't have time" because our lives will only continue to get busier and there will never be a time that is the "perfect time" to exercise.

Kay said something that really inspired me on my last post " I really think we all do better when the BFC is forefront in our minds. Blogging, reading the blogs, getting inspired...they all go together" Amen to that! I have been thinking a lot about being purposeful and mindful lately concerning my diet/fitness. I realized that I do my best when I am really plugged into this community, I really think being able to share, encourage and inspire is what helps us to be healthy and to get to where we want to be weight wise.


  1. Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary!

    At this point, I use coconut flour more because almonds bother me, but I do use it in a way that what I make doesn't taste like coconut, unless the coconut flavor would work with what I'm making then I let the flavor come through. I think using alternate flours is about figuring out how to best use them according to their own unique characteristics. Eventually, I hope that I can find a nut that doesn't bother me so that I can have a nut flour to expand my baking options.

  2. Happy Anniversary. It's a wonderful thing to work together with your companion. I wish you both every happiness.

  3. Happy anniversary!! Just wait till you get to 21 years like my hubby and I - holy moly thats a long time!!
    I Love all the healthy flours. I have stopped putting salt in the pizza crust and put spices instead.
    I absolutely agree that we all do better together. Have a great day :-)

  4. Katie, my sweet listen to me more than my own kids:) I am excited for you to go to Zumba with your Mom. That's how my Kayce and I started.
    Happy Anniversary. I truly believe laughing together is a very vital part of a happy relationship!
    Good job girl. I would love to see you blog more and and have lots of ideas.
    FYI, a friend just found out they got a short sale house. It took 6 months, but now they are moving from the home they lived for 26 year into a home they can grow old in:) You will hear soon!!!

  5. Happy anniversary Katie! It's good to be married to your best friend! I love that your mom and you will take Zumba together, I wish my mom would have done something like that with me! I think working out WITH someone would make it seem more like fun than work!

  6. Hi Katie! Happy Anniversary!! I just wanted to say I spent hours this week reading your entire blog and you have inspired me! I have lost 33 kgs (72 lbs) through Atkins - kept most of it off for 2 years and have wanted to transistion to the BFC. Needing to lose 10 kgs(22 lbs) that have crept back on due to being naughty! Hoping I can chug along as well as you have!! Started a blog today after 4 days on the BFC! Looking forward to sharing the journey. Thanks so much for the inspiration hun. xx