Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello everyone, what a refreshing weekend :) So many good things are happening I hope I remember to share them all. First of all I walked to work for the second time on Friday, it feels good to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring sun before work. Friday night we had dinner at my folks, we had taco salad which was delicious. My Dad is still doing the fast track and he looks great, he doesn't want me to share how much weight he has lost but I am very proud of him. My Mom won't be doing another zumba class with me because she is going back east to help my great aunt move. My Mom is such a sweet heart and I am very blessed to have her as my Mom.

Saturday I gave our apt a good cleaning, took a long nap went grocery shopping with hubby and got some new sunglasses. I have been looking for sunglasses that cover more of the delicate skin around my eyes. Hubby and I had another taco salad. Today we went for a long walk which was really nice I love how everything is starting to pop. Weight wise I haven't gotten on the scale lately but I put on a pair of jeans that I haven't worn for awhile because they had gotten too sung...and holy moly they fit :) yeeehawwww:)

Foodwise I am mostly doing the fast track and I feel this works for me. I am exercising more and still drinking less, I feel good about what I have been up to in April. Hubby and I are taking a financial class at our church by Dave Ramsey called Financial Peace, we are so blessed by what we are learning. His premises are simple save, don't spend money you don't have and budget. He breaks is down in a bunch of baby steps. That way of thinking is really helping me in how I view diet/health/exercise. Our class is literally right after work so I have been working on having food available for us to eat so we don't get fast food or go hungry. Tonight I made a crutsless quiche, and a broccoli, spaghetti sauce (low sugar from trader joe's) and meatball dish for us to have for dinner and lunches this week. I feel like this week is off to a good start already. I will let you know how my quiche and broccoli dishes turned out and if they are keeper recipes I will post them. I hope everyone had a nice weekend :)


  1. Your week does sound like it's off to a very good start. Take Care-

  2. It sounds like you are doing great! I'm so proud of your Dad. Is your Mom following the diet as well, or just exercising with you? Dave Ramsey is great. Good luck with your saving and budgeting.

  3. Its so good to hear from you and its great to hear that you are all doing so well. Have a great day :-)

  4. 2 of my kids have done the Dave Ramsey program, it was great for them.
    I am so excited for you to be back on track and enjoying life/Spring/exercise:)
    You are a little ray of sunshine!
    That is awesome about your Dad!
    I had a Zumba instructor this morning that has been on leave because she had a baby. Seriously...probably the hardest one physically that I have done. LOVED it!!! Today there were 2 of us in hip scarfs:)

  5. Great job with the jeans! Doesn't it feel good when something finally fits?! How cool that you get to take a class with Dave Ramsey!! I've read some of the articles he has written in magazines and they seem pretty logical. Good for you guys! HOpe May is as good as April for you :)

  6. I'm on a Zumba kick at the moment so we can do it together in spirit!! It's so much more fun when you can go with someone. And easier to keep it up!

    Also, pretty much doing the Fast Track as well. Feeling great so far! Whooo hooo for the jeans fit too!! Go girl!