Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pinterest Party

Good morning everyone and Happy Hump Day :) I was glad to share the make-ahead smoothie recipe that I found on pinterest. I love having food ready so that I don't  have to worry or make a big mess in the mornings. Yesterday I instead of a smoothie I had more of a breakfast pudding. Monday night I put almond milk, chia seeds and a little oatmeal in the food processor, I added a squirt of strawberry banana barleans, and a scoop of whole flax seeds, I ate it with some redi whip and two slices of lemon coconut bread. Yum :) Hubby and I talked about adding some protein powder to the smoothies/pudding...the options for these smoothies/puddings are endless.

Last night my Bible Study girls and I had a Pinterest party, everyone brought food from recipes found on pinterest and some girls brought crafts. It was so FUN. I brought mini caprese bites that I made with mini heirloom tomatoes, basil and mozzarella all from Trader Joe's. One girl brought a bird house craft to do, another brought tissue paper to make flowers which she is making for centerpieces for a friends wedding, and another brought fabric to make flower hair clips. The night was a huge success and I hope to host my own Pinterest party when we have a house of our own.

tissue paper flowersCaprese bite :)
Hair Flower Bobby Pin by kbheinlein on Etsy, $2.00


  1. I already make chia seed pudding, adding some oatmeal will make it more of a meal instead of a desert.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. That sounds like such a fun thing to do! What a great idea some smart person had:) Maybe when my house is all done getting spruced up, I will plan a a pinterest party. At my age though, not many of my friends embrace these new fangled things like pinterest! Old fuddy duddies!!!

  3. Katie Im going to make the tomato/basil/mozzarella for a party this wkend! It looks so pretty the way they did it.

  4. Fun idea... Would love to try it.... maybe this summer. It might be something to that my daughter could do with her friends since they're all on Pinterest. The mini-caprese bites look amazing! Good choice!

  5. I have fresh basil in my garden! I must use it.
    Take Care-