Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hi girls, I wish I knew why I am having such a hard time posting lately. I have several rough drafts that just never seem to feel right. Things over here in my neck of the woods are good. Last Saturday was an amazing beautiful sunny day, hubby and I got in an amazing walk. We walked to a surprise 30th bday party while we drank coffee, we saw a golden retriever puppy at the coffee shop and a older golden on our walk. Golden's are my absolute favorite dog and now that we have a house we are planning on getting one soon :) :)

Food has been good, I made the cheesecake muffins from Rosalie's blog for the first time last Monday and they are amazing. I am thinking of getting some of the flavored stevia drops for a different flavor. I have learned that hubby is really struggling with sweets, if there are cookies   or other sweets at work he can't seem to stay away. So I am trying to make bfc friendly treats more often to help us with the sugary temptations out there. This quarter at school has been challenging for hubby, he has a lot of busy work and  it's hard for him to find enough time for work, school and everything else. Doing the bfc is not just something that I try to do for myself I also try to help hubby eat the best carbs and very low sugar.

Friday was hubby's 33rd bday and we celebrated with having family over for a casual Mexican themed dinner. As another option to chips for salsa and guacamole we had celery and daikon radish, which really helped me to stay away from the chips. We had a party platter from Azteca, which was a good idea so no one had to cook, but I don't think we would order it again it was very greasy. My Mom is amazing she brought me some vanilla clemmy's ice cream because she knew I wouldn't eat any of the mountain dew lemon cake that she made for hubby.

I guess that's all for now, I hope everyone has a great Monday tomorrow :)


  1. Its great to hear that you are doing well. I have given up on trying to get my hubby to eat the way I do. I just say "I made this for me - if you want to eat some go ahead - if not - More For ME" LOL
    I love those cheesecake muffins and am glad you do also. Have a great one :-)

  2. glad you guys are doing well! Do you send him to work with lunch, and snacks? I send my hubby into work with a lunch and know that he's eating healthy all day long, just as long as his buddies don't get him to go out to lunch, which only happens occasionally.

  3. Glad the diet is going well! I want pictures if you get a Golden puppy! I grew up with Goldens and when I was in HS we bred our girl purebread Golden with a friend's purebread male Golden and had the cutest puppies! We ended up keeping a really big and fluffy boy and named him Remington (Remy).....How I loved those dogs!
    Have a great week!

  4. How exciting that you might get a new puppy! Labs are my favorite but I also love Golden retrievers. Happy Birthday to your husband, and good work on keeping everything BFC friendly!

  5. Hi Katie!!!
    I LOVE Golden retrievers too!!! We have a golden named Toby & he is the "son" I never had. lol. I just love him!! They are such a loving breed and are so good natured, especially around kids & they love being around people. I dont think I could get any other breed after having a golden. Good luck in you search for one in the coming weeks.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. You are such a sweet girl.
    have a great day!!!

  6. We eat at Azteca on the Northside way too often and I am not good with the chips!
    A dog would be a nice addition to your new home, how exciting!
    I know what you mean about blogging, but we really don't care what you say, just that you are still around:)