Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back at it, but trying a different approach

At Pikes Market on our Anniversary Trip.
Hi girls, it's been awhile since I posted to be honest I was feeling very discouraged. In March after hubby's bday I gained three lbs :( and I thought yikes I better get on top of this fast. Hubby and I were so far off the wagon it wasn't even funny, and we were in denial over the whole thing. Several of the girls at work are doing weight watchers online, I asked hubby if he would want to sign up for a three month special they were offering. He said yes with the exception that when we took our 5 year anniversary trip to Seattle he was going to eat whatever he wanted.

It feels weird to be sharing about doing WW since the title of my blog is Katies-bfc, but it's helping us to get back on track. The changes that we are making are pretty much common sense diet/health stuff for whatever diet/lifestyle plan. I had gotten away from portion control and keeping track of what I was really eating and drinking. I think it's easier to lie to yourself about what you are really up to if you don't keep track. I am really finding that using my kitchen scale to be helpful in measuring out cheese and wine. A five ounce glass of wine in much different than when I just pour it on my own.

I am down 3 lbs and hubby is down 13, I'm sure we would be down even more if we had been more strict on our anniversary trip to Seattle, but we have made peace with that. I know some of you watch Top Chef do you remember when they cooked at SkyCity the restaurant on top of the space needle? Hubby and I had lunch up there and it was AMAZING and so much fun.

Lunch at SkyCity
We are trying to apply what we learned from when we were really doing good on the bfc by eating better carbs and staying low sugar and being careful about fake sugar. In June we are taking a trip down to  Texas to see friends from the Military in the Dallas  Fort Worth and Austin areas so we are feeling very motivated to be looking good in our summer clothes. We are also talking about starting to try to get pregnant and everything I have read about pregnancy says to try to be at a good healthy weight before getting pregnant. They also say that if a man is in good health and at a good weight he is more likely to produce healthy sperm. To me it doesn't feel like a  good time to try to get pregnant, but it's finally clicked that if we wait until "the right time" it will never come or it will pass us by.

In other news hubby and I have been busy spring cleaning. Yesterday I spent a good part of the day at the laundry mat washing blankets and our comforter. It feels sooo good to have that done because I had been putting it off for awhile. Hubby and his boss spent yesterday tearing out bushes from the yard. I have also been trying hard to get more exercise in. Yesterday I took my first spinning class with some girls from work, I have been wanting to do that for awhile but I was afraid to go by myself. I gotta tell ya it feels good to really be working on the things I need to and not just talking about what I know I need to do. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone :)
From the Space Needle


  1. Katie, I applaud you for shaking it up and trying something new to motivate yourself. I thought of doing that too. I have never reached my goal yet and even gained some since the holidays. Now I am recovering from a knee injury and trying to do as I always did but the scale isn't budging. I know some of the BFC girls don't have to watch portions or calories, or maybe they do so naturally, but not me. I have to watch even the good stuff that has no sugar or carbs. Whatever it takes, you need to do. We are on a journey towards health and trying to lose weight too. Please don't stop your blog and whatever you are doing that is working for you. You just might be the motivation that someone needs. So glad to hear from you. Keep on doing whatever works.. XO!!!!

  2. Its great to hear from you. I love the pictures and you 2 are just so cute. It doesn't matter whatever you are doing as long as you are healthy. Like Pattie said - keep bloggin. :--)

  3. Welcome back! I find that I need to shake things up and change things around too. I think you BFC experience will only help enhance your WW experience. Good luck!

  4. I love that you are striving to find what works for you. I loved Weight Watchers when I did it. That was before babies number 4 and 5 and it helped me get to my goal weight. I think I enjoyed all the great ideas that I got at the meetings as well from the other ladies. The photos look awesome (as do the two of you)!!! :)

  5. I love your pictures Katie! Hope you two had a fantastic time. I love Top Chef and remember when they cooked up there!
    That's so great that your were able to find a way to get those 3lbs back off! It's so exciting that it might almost be baby time for you two! You will be great parents!

  6. I love the pictures! Those are all fun places! I have never eaten at the top of the space needle.
    I think WW is probably the best diet for lifetime out there. It is practical and doesn't take anything away. I know I am bad most of the time with my carbs and lately with sugar, but I still have some great habits from the BFC. I am glad that I rarely drink diet soda and use artificial sweeteners. Those are good changes.
    I would love for you to have a baby:) I am just in Heaven here with my grandkids. Konner is 6 months old and he is learning something new every day. Karson is 3 years old and I am learning something new every day!
    Blessings to you and your hubby!

  7. Sounds like you guys are doing really great on your eating plan. I'm so impressed that hubby has joined you too! That's rare and lucky. I did weight watchers after my daughter was born five and a half years ago and it helped a lot, I lost 20 lbs and kept off 15 which I think is pretty good considering my hectic lifestyle at the time. Here's my blog: -Kerry