Sunday, June 2, 2013

Down 8 lbs :)

Supposed to be the best cupcake/cake batter recipe ever. Wedding cake flavor! Another pinner said - I used this recipe today & it was the BEST! On the site is a link to the matching buttercream & I'll never use another frosting recipe every AGAIN!!
This is the picture from pinterest, my frosting was not this perfect.
Hello everyone, things are good over here hubby and I are still doing WW I am down 8 lbs :) I have been really good with exception to the holiday weekend. Fridays are a day that hubby and I seem to be able to cheat a bit with a couple extra drinks and still lose but last Friday we had our cheat day, that we followed up with a cheat Saturday, and a cheat Monday when our neighbors invited us over for fajitas. The good news is we were much better this weekend.

good for showers- Strawberries Filled with ready-made cheesecake filling, delicious and easy when you need to bring something to a partyYesterday I helped host a bridal shower for one of the girls at work, man I never realized how much work goes into a shower. I was responsible for a chicken salad and croissants, cupcakes, and a cracker appetizer with bacon. My first thought was to buy cupcakes from a bakery, but when I looked into the cost I almost had a small heart attack when I realized I would be paying $ 36 for a dozen. I don't like to bake and I am not very confident in my baking abilities but I made a batch of wedding cake cupcakes from a recipe on pinterest. They were not diet friendly by any means but they were good, I made sure to give them all away and I didn't save any for hubby and myself. I also made some stuffed strawberries I also saw on pinterest, again this is the picture from pinterest mine were not this perfect looking but they were easy and worth making again. The recipe I chose for the strawberries was cream cheese, powdered sugar, and almond extract. I bet it would work just as well with stevia instead of powdered sugar.

Tonight I have been prepping the turkey pumpkin chili from skinnytaste to put in the crock pot tomorrow. I am making a double recipe because I am taking some to my in-laws. Almost a month ago my MIL fell and broke her left ankle and left wrist. She doesn't like things that seem weird or out of the box so I am only telling her that it is turkey chili and not pumpkin chili :) Have a wonderful week everyone.


  1. Good for you Katie! Sounds like WW is working for you. Just curious if you still incorporate some of the BFC principles ( very little fruit, no artificial sweeteners,only low sugar products etc.) You should do a post comparing the two with the pros and cons of each. I would love to know how you compare the two. Whatever you are doing, keep it up! XO!

  2. Great job on the weight - and those strawberries look good.

  3. Great job on the weight loss! I'm interested to know if you are following a lot of the BFC principals, too. The pumpkin turkey chili sounds really good right now....Ssshhhh! I won't tell your MIL that it has pumpkin! LOL!


  4. Oh Katie, I am so excited for you! And just in time for summer fun! Don't cave, don't cheat, remember how good this feels:)

    I would like to know if you are incorporating BFC principals in the WW too. I think you eat a lot more fruit and veggies don't you?

    Fun ideas from pinterest! The strawberries look yummy!

  5. Just found your blog and I have lost doing WW and eating whatever I want as long as in my points!! I'm amazed and still feel guilty eating sugar and I do need to cut back on sweets because I still feel sugar is very bad!! But been losing eating corn, donuts, bananas, lean cuisine dinners and loving the food!!!

    1. Oh, should put that I have lost 9 lbs!!!! Use to follow BFC but too many cals for me, so congrats to you too and I will check in here to see how you are doing :-)