Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello everyone, thank you for such kind messages. My roses are still going strong, I trimmed them the other day and put them in a square vase it's fun to mix things up. I got them from Safeway, I don't know why but Safeway roses always last the longest. This new year (2012) I am trying to be more consistent about my exercise, I really believe with the bfc and consistent exercise I can have a more toned body and hopefully a flat tummy. This year I have been keeping track of my exercise in my pocket sized day minder. My Dad has been buying me these day minders for years ( I don't have a smart phone to keep track of my calender). Each day I write down my exercise and then I put a sticker on the month page. It is very satisfying to look at the stickers.

In regards to exercise I used to be a total gym girl, I loved the bike, the elliptical and the stair master, I also used the machines and free weights. When hubby was active duty Marine at Camp Pendleton I LOVED working out on base, the gym was huge and they had lots of equipment to chose from, I especially enjoyed the tread climber which looks like  a treadmill split down the center. I wish I was doing the bfc when we lived down there because I know with the amount of exercise I put in I would have looked and felt great. While we were down there I ate a lot of foods that I thought were healthy, which I now know were really full of sugar, and I was never able to get below 143 lbs.

Now that we live back in our hometown and hubby is in school we are focused on saving money, so most of my workouts are at home these days. In response to a question from Angie: I have never taken an official zumba class, hubby and I have a program on our computer's called vuze which allows us to download some movies, tv shows, and some exercise videos. I have the zumba cardio party, and a 20 min zumba workout. I love them!!! At some point I would like to get more zumba dvd's. I especially love that I can do them in my living room and no one can see how hard I struggle to shake my hips :) I know Kay has the dvd's and she likes them when she chooses to do them at home.

I have also been doing Tracy Anderson's dance cardio and method mat that I got off of vuze. I love Tracy she knows how to kick my butt, hubby even likes her method mat workout. At some point I would love to get some of Tracy's dvd's especially metamorphosis. If you are curious about Tracy Anderson check her out on youtube, she had whipped Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna into shape.

 Long story short, I have decided to made 2012 the year I make the biggest effort to tone up and slim down  using the bfc/ft and all my exercise tools I already have. I really want a slim tummy, I have never had one, I have always had a little poochie ( the fat below your belly button).


  1. Is poochie an official term? I know exactly what you mean. I have always liked to work out...well let me rephrase..I have always liked the feeling I get after I work out and how it helps my body. I have vowed to make it a priority too, although with what has been going on, my early morning workout plan has gotten off to a bad start. I'm with you though. I want to make it a real priority. Tracy Anderson method has intrigued me. I may give that a try. I really do need variety. Big hugs from me to you!

  2. Katie, this is exactly where I'm at now. Got the BFC eating down pretty well, and now I'm moving on to exercise. I think its the only way I'm going to get my metabolism moving and the only way I'm going to tone up from what I've lost. I've thought about trying Tracy Anderson, but I've got to start off slow, so that I won't get discouraged.

  3. It seems that with all of us getting our eating under control we are all now focusing on getting on board with consistent exercise. I would like to get rid of my poochie, too. :)

  4. Katie you look beautiful and I don't see a poochie at all. I do unerstand the urge to exercise though, but that's about as far as I get. LOL
    Have a great day :-)

  5. Im with you Katie! My goal this year is to lose these last 28# and to tone up. We can do this!!! I was thinking about getting the Zumba for the Wii. Anyone have it? Would be curious to know what people think about it.
    Keep on keepin on girl!!!!

  6. First off I will join all of you on the exercise wagon! I really feel better when I do it.
    No poochie for Katie:) You can do it!

  7. Good-bye poochie...take pictures of your progress.
    What Tracy Anderson DVD do you have?

  8. I love stickers!! Here's to no more poochie in 2012!!