Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Year Anniversary on the BFC: down 10 lbs

Celebration roses
Hello friends, January 10th was  my one year anniversary on the BFC, whoo hoo!!!! I started this post on the 10th, but I had a hard time finishing it.Instead of treating myself with food I bought a bouquet of pink roses to celebrate. In the beginning I really didn't think it would work and I would not be able to stick with it. The beginning was very hard for me, it took awhile to get the hang of things, I was very discouraged until I found Rosalie's and Amber's blogs and video's on youtube. I kept a journal for about the first month until I started my blog and got a job, it's fun to look back and see what I struggled with and what I learned. I am going to start journaling again because I love how it can be a safe place to vent, and it helps keep me honest about how I am truly doing.

I heard about the bfc from my Mom who heard about it from her Naturopath who has lost 30 lbs herself using the bfc. I think there is a lot of good in a natural approach to health care so when her Dr. recommended it that helped me to find the bfc credible. I think it is important to feel that whatever diet/exercise program you are doing is credible. There are a lot of people out there that are willing to make a buck on anything.

Here are some things that I have learned on the bfc:
  • Don't give up
  • Chose your fats and proteins wisely, just because you can eat bacon and cheese doesn't mean you need to go hog wild with them.
  • Remind yourself that you are trying to eat "better carbs" not just "low carb"
  • Tailor the bfc to a way that works for you and your family.
  • Try not to eat too many processed foods they are full of sodium and other preservatives that are not good for us.
  • Use your crock pot more or make freezer meals so you don't have to eat bad because it is easier.
  • Learn to love low sugar dark chocolate...I know it's not the same as a delicious piece of milk, but when it has lower sugar is has more of the good cacao which is healthy for us.
  • Be willing to try new things, you might actually love them. Bfc friendly products I have tried: barleans, clemmy's, chia seeds, coconut flour, almond flour, stevia, truvia, ezekiel bread, Jay Robb's protein powder, unsweetened almond milk.
  • Revamp old recipes to make them bfc friendly and be willing to try new ones. I love the stir-fry recipes in the original bfc.
  • Make friends who are doing the same plan, I have met so many people on the blogs that I respect and appreciate. I think that is why weight watchers is so successful, going to meetings and connecting to others with a shared goal is a powerful tool to help you stick with your goals.
I love the bfc and I want to continue to get better at eating low sugar and better carb and learning how to deal with food bullies in a better way. I lost 10 lbs and several inches from my waist and hips, I am hoping this year that with exercise and the bfc I can have a more toned body with a flat tummy :)
1 year on the BFC


    1. I love this post! Great job this year, and I love the list you made! Way to go!!!

    2. Great advice! You look glowing and beautiful:) I hope you do start journaling again. I miss you! You were the one that exercised every morning and made me feel guilty! I need to feel guilty again.

    3. HI Katie, First of all I love you picture and you're wearing my FAVORITE color.
      All the points you made are so true. Great job!!

    4. Great post. You look great as well. looking forward to your progress this year. Best wishes.

    5. Congratulations Katie! You are adorable and an inspiration!

    6. You are adorable! I just want to give you a big hug.
      Your pink roses are such a wonderful way to celebrate all you've accomplished and learned this last year. I think you show how 10 lbs can make such a difference. If you have 10 lbs to lose or 100 you (we) can do it. Smart choices and support make a difference for us all.

    7. Congratulations! Good advice. I especially think the tip on fat is important. We need to eat in moderation with everything, and fat is not a free for all just because we're eating lower carbs/sugars.

    8. I love that you got yourself roses to celebrate! All of the things you learned are so spot on. What a great post! Congrats on your one year!

    9. I, too, love that you got yourself roses! My favorite color! BTW, thanks for the suggestion about the Cost Plus 99% cocoa bar! I'm not a lover of dark chocolate, but that one is good and creamy. The other ones are too chalky like. The thing I like about the bfc is that a 10 lb loss looks like so much more because it changes your whole body by losing inches. You look great!

    10. Thanks for the tips on what you've learned. I'm not new to BFC but am newly committed to it. I know what I have to do and know that it does require healthier eating and not just a commitment to lower carbs and sugar. Congrats on your 10 lbs - your roses are gorgeous and you look great. :)

    11. What a beautiful reward for a beautiful girl!!!Congrats on a fantastic year!! Loved this post Katie!!! Thanks for shaing and heres to another great year!!! xo

    12. Congrats on your 1 yr BFC anniversary. Such a great post and look have far you have come you look so beautiful.

    13. You look great Katie. Great blog post. I love it! Happy one year!

    14. Katie, you mentioned zumba cardio party in a comment to Beth on her blog. Can you tell me more about it? I used to take zumba classes at the gym and would love something I can do at home when time permits (AKA, I make time, hahahaha)!