Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Steps

Hello everyone, my blog is under construction, I came to the realization that I need a change. I also need to change my approach to diet/fitness. I need to stop making excuses and I need to sit down and plan for my short term and long term goals, and make a list of the baby steps I need to take to get there. My March goal poster was a good start, but it got me thinking that I want and expect more from myself.   Last week I did ok in my diet and fitness, but frankly I drank too much wine to really see a difference, so I have some ideas for how to be more successful this week.

This Week:
  • I asked hubby to exercise with me in the morning, because I have been having trouble finding motivation to exercise before work. To get the fit/toned healthy body I want I know I need to consistently exercise.
  • To continue to take the stairs at work on breaks
  • Eat lots of green veggies/ green soups.
  • Stop using watching tv shows on hulu as an excuse not to exercise, read, and blog.
  • To stay connected with my bfc friends via the blogs and fb's bfc page.


  1. I am the queen of baby steps Katie! lol. You absolutely must have a plan in place to get where you want to go so good for you for finding those areas that need improvement. YOu are doing great! Keep up the good work!
    p.s Maybe I will try that flax muffin when my taste returns. It looks yummy!

  2. I think the very first step you have done great on...make a plan! Of course I am the ultra-list-making-Virgo, so I love your approach, lol!
    Have a great week!

  3. That's a great plan. One of Jillian Michaels sayings is "Fail to plan; plan to fail."

  4. I think going back to the basics is a great idea! You know you can do it, so just "DO IT"! And no, I certainly don't always follow my own advice.
    Remember how good you felt when you went camping with hubby and you wore your bathing suit and felt good? Remembering those things really help me.
    I know the flax muffin has a lot of fiber etc., but they do have a lot of calories too. I know I am bad:( I will try one the way that you do it, I just haven't been able to acquire a taste for them because of their calorie count. And I know we aren't supposed to worry about calories, but close to goal and being inacative, I believe they do count. Just my humble opinion...and I am certainly wrong often enough!
    Go Katie!!!

  5. I've never tried the muffin flat on a plate like that before. What a great idea to make a sandwich out of it! I have to add exercise the mix too, it's so hard sometimes to get moving!! I think you're doing great.

  6. HI Katie, All the steps you mentioned are great. You just have to get your head back in it I think. We are all here to support you. Have a great day :-)

  7. Baby steps all the way! I've been floundering too, and feeling badly because I'm not where I was. This week, right? :)

  8. I'm with you Katie. I am struggling to get my head in the game too. It's a challenge, but staying connected with the blogs really help. Sending love and hugs!

  9. Life is about baby steps! I wish you every success...thanks for 'walking' with us.
    Take Care