Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hello friends, I have really been enjoying the blogs tonight I especially enjoy it when there are personal pictures involved it makes me feel like I understand a little more about my fellow bloggers. In my opinion camping is a rather acquired taste, while I am camping I always miss taking showers which are one of my favorite things to do, but if you are by a water source that helps. My folks and my in laws both have truck campers and on the third day my Mom helped me wash my hair which felt amazing. Hubby and I both grew up camping which makes things easy. Hubby and I met five years ago after he had graduated from the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton he was home on leave, he was hanging out with a mutual friend and she invited me to come hang out on his parents deck and have a beer, well long story short hubby's parents and my folks both had the same truck camper and that broke the ice :)

Kay, I do like the St. Joseph's cookies everything in the pic I bought at the commissary along with my Ezekiel bread and smart and delicious tortillas, you should check it out with your daughter I am sure a lot of the products you like are better prices especially the chips. The St. Joseph's cookies are in the "health food aisle" they only carry the pecan shortbread and chocolate chip cookie. I personally like the pecan ones better because they are soft, but hubby likes both.

Anyway, I guess that is all for now. I am feeling bummed because I have to rsvp to a wedding that is at the same time as my 10 yr HS reunion :( The wedding is out of town and is for a family friend who I have known my whole life and is more like a cousin to me. I was talking to my Mom tonight to see if it was realistic to go to my reunion and then drive out for the wedding reception...she told me what I already know which is I can't do both. AHHHH it is a bittersweet moment and I am feeling frustrated. Well, I guess that is really all for now, sometimes life just sucks. I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow :)


  1. I say go to the wedding. There will be another reunion in a few years! I just love weddings. To answer your question, my son is getting married next July. They go engaged in Paris last May, so it is a long engagment. He worked at a financial firm in NY for awhile, but left last year to go for a full time MBA. He is just finishing up a 6 week internship with that same company in Chicago and hopefully he will get offered a job this week for next summer. That will ease his mind. I'm excited for our first childs wedding! I'll keep everyone posted as we go along. Have a great day.

  2. I agree with Pattie - There will not be another wedding but there will be another reunion! You could always contact some of your friends and see if one/some of them could stay in town an extra day to get together outside of the actual reunion. That's what I try to do when that stuff happens. It doesn't always work out, but there's no harm in trying.

    I agree - camping is definitely an acquired taste. My family went every summer at least once growing up, but I married into a non camping family and so we don't go. I think the taste also has been removed from my palate once I had kids, lol! The last time we went on vacation we had to stop at a campsite to find a bathroom (we were on a road trip) and it was torture trying to get the baby to poo in a non bathroom. Sorry if that was too much information..

  3. Katie~ That is a dilemma but I have to agree with the others that weddings only happen once & reunions will happen again. When you seriously think about it, wouldnt you rather spend that time with family than friends who probably havent stayed in touch for yrs? I went to my 25th reunion last yr & it was a blast to say the least BUT the friends that I went with have since left me in the dust. My best friend from HS Tina & I had kind of re connected & then we tried getting together a few weeks ago & she blew me off 3times for her boyfriend/fiancee who lives in Cleveland. Oh, and shes still married to her 2nd husband & shes engaged again to a guy she met online after being broken up with her husband after 6 weeks. Not the moral compass of a friend I am looking for to hang around & it took her saying to me that she was just "too busy" to make time for me to realize that she isnt worth the effort. It made me sad & I cried a little over it because we were "two peas in a pod" in HS. Anyways, my point is Family will never do that to you so you go to that wedding, have a great time & for heavens sake eat a little cake too!!! If there are people you really want to see, make arrangements with them to get together. If they are worth it, they will also make the effort. :)
    Have a great week girl!!

  4. Hi Katie,
    I also love to camp! We bought a used pop-up camper when the boys were younger and went camping a few times a year. With everyone getting older we haven't been camping in a year or two now and I miss it! We live in the country and we sometimes have small bon fires in the backyard, because sitting around the fire at night is one of the best things. I also love getting up in the morning in the cool air with the smell of bacon and coffee in the air!!

  5. I think we are going to the commissary next week so I will look for the cookies. I LOVE pecan shortbread cookies.
    That is a bummer about the reunion and the wedding being at the same time.
    That is a fun story about how you met your hubby.