Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chia and Clemmy's

Hello everyone, things are much better now that I am back on track. It's amazing what a difference low sugar/ better carb and enough fiber makes, my jeans fit the way I want them to again and I feel better. A bite here and there and "I'll just have a little because I never eat it" really adds up. We had dinner with my folks last night and 132.4 which is amazing since I wasn't very good for  a week. I was hoping to get down to 130 during the 30 day challenge, but right now I am just happy that I didn't gain weight.

The chia seeds and chia fiber have helped so much. I love the whole chia seeds, I have made the chia seed pudding by mixing 1/4c chia seeds, 1c almond milk and a packet of truvia. I prefer to let it sit until it thickens instead of letting it sit in the fridge all night as some recipes suggested. It has a strange texture but I like it and it is a nice change of pace. (and it helps get rid of false belly fat) I have also started adding  the seeds  to one of my favorite afternoon snacks, 1/2c Greek yogurt, chopped celery, cucumber, tomato, and a dash of garlic salt. It is a refreshing filling afternoon snack that I often have around 3 at work.

 Hubby and I love clemmy's snack size ice cream-os I found on sale at Huckleberry's one of our local health food stores. I am so happy that they started carrying clemmys, when I first started the bfc the only place that carried clemmy's was Whole Foods and there are no Whole Foods in my neck of the woods. One ice cream-o  contains O sugar and 12g carb and the box contains 12.

I have been thinking about what Dawn said in her Thursday post titled "the bad d word". I do not think of the bfc as a diet I think of it as a lifestyle. I tell people I am doing a low sugar/better carb thing, I have a hard time truly explaining the bfc to others. While camping I started writing down how I would explain the bfc when I finish it I will share it. I want to be able to share the bfc in a way that is not preachy. I am very sensitive to a preachy condescending tone and I think that is accomplishes nothing.

Well, I guess that's all for now. You guys are awesome and I truly value and appreciate all of you. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday :)


  1. another one who got to taste the clemmy O's. I still can't find them near me. they sound good. I love the chia pudding as a matter of fact I'm gonna go make some right now :-)

  2. I have some chia pudding sitting in my fridge awaiting me as well. LOL! I have been really enjoying it in the chocolate version with whip cream on top. The longer you let it sit, the more pudding like it gets, especially if you put 3/4c milk to 2 T chia. But then you don't get quite as much fiber in it that way. :)

    i look forward to reading your take on the BFC, I agree that it's nice to be able to explain something without coming across incorrectly. Great job on the weight! I am not going to make my 30 day goal of 130 either. Oh well. Maybe next month! :)

  3. Where do you buy the chia seeds? I am just curious. I would pull out my eye teeth to weigh 134!! I would say you are doing great!!!
    Keep on keepin on girl!!

  4. Great information and advice! I too will be interested when you have a good way to explain the BFC.
    I don't understand the chia seeds? Is the texture like a tapioca pudding?
    We have Huckleberries. That's where I got my Clemmy O's but I didn't see the smaller ones and I did not see the ice cream. Maybe I will try a big one that we have on the South Hill.
    Great job on the weight! I wish I could get there!

  5. Good info Katie. I have to try that pudding. I cna't find the sugar free clemmyo's at our whole foods. I swear PA doesn't have any of the good stuff you guys always find. I should talk to the store manager. Glad you're back on track.

  6. I haven't found any of the Clemmys where I'm at. I did find one store down in the Outer Banks that carried it, and we tried one little container while we were there and it tasted just like regular ice cream! I use Chia seeds, but still haven't tried that pudding. Maybe I'll give it a go this week. Good job on not gaining!