Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Going camping today

Good morning everyone and thank you for the nice comments yesterday!!!! Yes my jeans are 7's we bought them Jan 2010 at costco and they have been sitting in my closet ever since. I love them and it feels amazing to finally fit into them. Now that my belly is smaller I wonder if I can ever get it flat, I've never had a flat tummy I've always had a poochie. I plan on keeping up the bfc and exercise and I will see what happens.

I am excited to go camping today but I hate packing, I hope I can get all my crap together before hubby wants to leave this morning. I didn't get around to making the marshmallows for this trip, I just kinda took on to much and ran out of time :) Anyway I have to go I have lots to do this morning. I will miss you all very much I love checking in with everyone and reading all the blogs. I hope everyone has a great week :)


  1. Bummer about the marshmallows. It doesn't look to me like you have much of a poochie at all - you have a nice healthy looking belly! I bet another few pounds will make all the difference, along with a few exercises. I hope I can get mine like yours! But after three kids, two of them C sections and 50-70 pounds gained with each I doubt it.

  2. Katie, I LOVE to camp!! We bought an old pop-up camper when my boys were little and used to go a few times a year! You're pictures look great! Have a great time!

  3. Have a great trip. We will miss you too! Check in with a trip update when you get back!

  4. OH MAN!! no marshmallows?? I was looking forward to hearing about them. Have a ton of fun!! :-)

  5. Miss Katie!!!! OMG look fantastic!! You can def see the difference! What is your total weight loss since starting...just curious. Have a great time camping. I am a city girl through & through & wouldnt fare well camping at all. If I cant put on my makeup & have my flat iron plugged in, I am not a happy "camper". (lol, no pun intended!!!)
    Have a great weekend with the hub & Keep in touch (KIT).