Friday, August 26, 2011

First batch of coconut bread

Good morning everyone, thank you for the encouraging comments yesterday. After venting I went to work and had a great day. My hubby qualifies for finical aid for school but because he applied late we have to pay for school upfront and will get reimbursed, not ideal but better than having to come up with all of it on our own. Anyway, today is Friday whoo hoo!!!! Hubby and I are planning a mini weekend get a way  :)....tomorrow we are going to Seattle to see some Marine Corps friends. In my opinion getting away is getting away even if it's just a "mini" one.

I made a batch of the coconut bread this morning and it taste's kina eggy to me I'm not sure what I think of it yet I followed the recipe that Rosalie put on her blog. I used my 9 x 5 loaf pan, would a different size be better?

Well, I guess that is all for now I need to start getting ready for work. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL bfc friendly day :)


  1. Have fun this weekend, any get away is a getaway. Try the bread with some natures hollow on top.

  2. Have fun in Seattle - that's where my family lives! I like using two mini loaf pans instead of one big regular sized pan. I haven't tried Rosalies extra egg recipe yet, but if you beat everything up nicely I don't think the bread is eggy at all. But I've been eating it a while. LOL

  3. Have fun in Seattle! A vacation helps clear the mind!
    I haven't tried my second loaf of coconut bread yet. Maybe this weekend. I only cooked mine for 36 minutes and another gal posted 32. I think that could be why mine was so dry!

  4. I love mini vacations! We do them a little through out the year, even if its just an overnight thing to see a play somewhere. We love the theater. Even local stuff. My coconut bread didn't taste eggy at all either and I did put the extra egg in it. Maybe it does matter how long you mix it. I do get mine really blended well before putting it in the pan. I use a regular size bread pan and then cut it into 12 slices once its done so it will be easy to grab. It does taste best with a little jam or peanut butter on top, in my opinion.

  5. Have a great mini vk. I made the bread with the egg beaters because I was of eggs. I thought it was pretty good. I'm gonna try it Rosie's way next.