Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I was a little naughty, but I'm back on the wagon now

Hello everyone, I've been a little naughty and my jeans are letting me know it :( I think it all started last Tuesday with a family bbq for hubby's grandma visiting from CA. I had some beans even though they were high in sugar, some fruit and some of the dessert (popcorn topped with chocolate and kiddie cereal) even though it wasn't very good and super high in sugar. I don't know what I was thinking...it's as if I thought I could have a little of everything and I would be fine. The rest of the week I ate fruit, beer and Saturday hubby and I indulged in tequila and light coronas. It seems I never fully got back on the wagon after cheating on Tuesday and what I think did me in was portion control and by that I mean drinking more than two beers several days in a row. Anyway I have come to terms with my week long slip up and I am back on the wagon. I am more aware of portion size and the number of servings. I know I need to make sure to drink less beer, it was just so easy because it was in the house and a cold beer is so nice when it is hot....but that's not a good excuse I have learned in the past six months that I can drink a little wine, but I should only drink beer once in a while.

After work today I went to the store to get some fiber I have been having problems since Friday when I ate several slices of pizza at Chuckie Cheeses with the fam. I got chia fiber and seeds on sale, chocolate clemmy's ice cream and the snack size clemmy o's also on sale :) :) :) And things just got better when I saw that they had started carrying natures hollow....whoo hooo!!!! I am excited to be back on the wagon with all the exciting loot I found and most of it was on sale.

Thank you everyone for such nice comments you guys rock!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday, and if you have cheated like I did nip it in the bud and get back on the wagon :)


  1. I'm back on the wagon too. Last weekend was too much pizza, so bread at dinner, and other little nibbles that I shouldn't have had. But that's life right, and as long as we have a plan, we can get right back to it! Good luck!

  2. Don't feel too bad Katie! I didn't cheat this week and still didn't lose. I guess the best any of us can do is keep going! It's great that your jumping right back in. Wish I could find some of those good products around me!

  3. This must have been the week for several of us! Maybe it was time to really enjoy your summer! It has been hot for a long time. What store did you find the snack size Clemmy O's? I end up cutting mine in 1/2, which is fine, but the smaller one would be plenty. I have never seen the ice cream itself anywhere!
    Someone had posted some time ago about taking magnesium and that has really helped me,I have barely been taking my metumucil capsules. It could be the spinach of course!
    You know what to do, now do it! That's what I tell myself:)

  4. You know you're right - it's all about portion control! When you eat those foods in control you are OK - it's when we eat too much that the landslide begins. Good luck with getting back on track!! As far as regularity is concerned, as long as I get 25 grams or more of fiber in my day, everything's ok. I've also been taking a probiotic lately. Not sure if it's helping or not, but I've heard that it's good for that.

  5. At least you realize that you messed up a little. It's OK. Next time do like I do and just take a few bites of the thing you really want, and then stop.
    Just jump back in and your pant will be fitting fine in no time. :-)

  6. Im drivin the wagon girl!!! lol. Hop on!! I messed up today too but am back on the wagon again. Dont beat yourself up, just pick yourself up!
    Hugs to you our sweet little Katie!

  7. I haven't seen enough Katie posts lately! Where oh where did my Katie go? Oh where oh where did she go????:) Too many kids songs with my grandson here!