Monday, October 3, 2011

1st Day of Fast Track

Hello peeps, thank you for  such nice comments yesterday. I am feeling so much better today whoo hoo!!! When I woke up on Wednesday with the yuckies I took some airborne and continued to take it several times a day I think that helped me to get better quickly. Yesterday I made my chicken soup, but I didn't get around to making almond flour biscuits because we went to costo and did our grocery shopping.

Hubby and I started the FT today, it feels a little weird because it is so new. I have a feeling that hubby will do really well because he eats a lot of the grain and starches that we have to give up. He is especially disappointed to give up potatoes for awhile lol. We are finding our groove in our new schedule. Hubby goes to the gym before class, after class he goes to work and the goal is for him to get off work around 6. He is doing really well in his classes and I am proud of  him.

I don't think we are going to stick strictly to the 14 day menu that Jorge has provided, trying to get in halibut, salmon and steak would be a little expensive for us especially now that hubby is working less while he is in school. Yesterday at costco we bought a bag of chicken tenders, and some tri tip steak (we will portion the steak out, foodsaver and freeze it to make it last).

Today I ate:
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs
Snack: almond milk
Lunch: homemade chicken soup (no noodles) 1/2 spinach salad with pork chop, blue cheese, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, figs, newmans dressing
Snack: the rest of my lunch salad and a square of dk chocolate
Dinner: chicken soup and coffee.

I think tomorrow will be a good day, I made lemon coconut bread, hard boiled eggs, cooked some turkey breakfast sausage links, and made hamburgers. I hope everyone has a wonderful day :)


  1. Good luck Katie. Your menu sounds good,but I'm not sure that would have been enough food for me!

  2. I can't do the 14 day FT exactly either - I'm not a big fish lover, plus it's a little expensive to feed a family of six. I'll probably substitute chicken a lot of times. Your soup sounds good on these first chilly days of Fall, I might make some out of my leftover roast chicken. Did you substitute veggies for the noodles/rice?

  3. Good luck, Katie!! You've got lots of company on the FT--including me. My husband told me this morning that if I get below 170, he will go on it with me. My husband the sugar-addict! If he does this, he will probably drop 10 pounds in a week. He also loves potatoes.

  4. I am excited for all of you FT'ers!!! Having your husband along on your journey will be great.
    I am glad that you are feeling better. My poor hubby has a bad cold and we leave in the morning:(
    Enjoy the excitement of starting something new!

  5. HI Katie, Yeah I agree with Pattie, that doesn't sound like enough food at all. No WAY!
    hat is nice that your husband is doing it with you. I have been alone on my journey. Well besides all of you.
    Have a great day. :-)

  6. I'm not using the 14 day menu, either. I can't afford all the different kinds of proteins for our family, either. Good luck!!

  7. You def. dont have the eat exactly what it says. Any fish, or honestly any protein, will do. Some ppl really like details, so Im pretty sure that is why he does that. I also dont do the palm sized portions. I am day 2 and was hungry in the afternoon day 1. I struggle with breakfast since I dont like eggs in the morning. be sure and get MORE greens in!

  8. Good luck to you and your husband on doing the FT. I tried to talk my husband into doing it with me and he said NO WAY! he loves his potatoes too lol. I am trying to follow Jorge meal plans as close as possible but I change out proteins and veggies from his approved list. I just want to get a great jumpstart.