Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another fall Saturday

Hello friends, another Saturday whoo hoo!!!! Exciting things are happening hubby and I got pre-approved to buy a house. We are relieved hubby did a number on his credit in his early 20's and we have run into some problems with it. Thankfully he paid off the money he owed several years ago and now it's been long enough that his credit is good, hallelujah!!! We started looking at houses online, I love being able to take a virtual tour with the internet. I don't know exactly when we will get into a house hubby doesn't have a lot of time between work and school.

On the school front hubby is doing well but, dealing with financial aide can get a little frustrating. Hubby registered for financial aide late so we were told to pay for school out of our own pocket and we would get reimbursed in Sept or Oct, hubby recently found out that we will not get reimbursed until August 2012 :(  Same thing for the next quarter, so we are thinking we will get a student loan and when we get reimbursed from financial aide pay it off. So, we have hit some bumps in the road, once hubby's schooling is all said and done it we will appreciate it even more.

yippee! I get to make dinner again tomorrow!On the food front we have been plugging away. Last night for dinner we had tri tip roast I made in the crock pot, mashed cauliflower, sauteed mushrooms, asparagus and broccoli. All I really had to make last night was the cauli I had sauteed the veggies the night before. I need to do that more have things already made in the fridge for easy dinners and lunches. Sometimes I hate having to cook and clean every night because hubby is in school and too busy to help. I plan on looking into bfc friendly crock pot recipes and I will share any keepers I find.

Well, I guess that's all for now I just wanted to share what's happening over here. We plan on bundling up and getting another nice fall walk in this weekend the leaves are almost off the trees. A co-worker said we might get snow as early as Nov 10th BLAH :( I'm not ready for snow, I'm ready for a vacation someplace warm I don't think we are too young to be snow birds lol. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday :)


  1. It's snowing here in PA. I have a pot of that chicken pumpkin chili that Carey was raving about on facebook. It's from the blog skinny taste. I'll post some pictures of the snow on my blog later. Congrats on being pre approved for your house. That's exciting!

  2. HI Katie, I hope everything works out for your hubby with the school thing.
    I love crock pots and your food sounded so great.
    YOu know I live in southern Cali so I won't talk about my weather.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. It doesn't snow here much in NC. And when it's even in the forecast no milk or bread can be found in the grocery store. I need to get out my crockpot. I have a crockpot cookbook that I need to dust off since I don't have a lot of time to cook anymore. Would love to see your yummy recipes though. Congrats on the house pre-approval. Have a great weekend.

  4. I am so excited for you to buy a house! There are some really good deals out there. Make a wishlist and stick to it, because you will find it. Having a really good Realtor in your corner is a good thing too. A buying agent is a great thing.
    I do not want snow at all, so soon does not make me happy:(
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh Katie, thats wonderful news about your pre approval! There is nothing like buying a home. Its a great feeling to have something thats YOURS! Dont settle for anything less than what you want unless its something minor. When I got married (18 yrs ago) we lived in the house my hubby grew up in. He bought it off of his dad & made the last payment before we got married so we never had a mortgage payment. We built our current house almost 9 yrs ago and I love my house outside of a couple of things but I can live with them. (The builder laid the wrong brick on the front of our house! It was almost done when we saw it so nothing could be done.) oy!
    Have a great weekend with the hubs! Stay warm!!!

  6. AHHH! I am not ready for snow. I know it's coming, though... I like using leftovers and/or preprepared sides too - it makes making dinner so much easier. We need that around here!

  7. That's great news about being pre-approved! It is definitely a buyers market right now so when when you're ready you should have the upper hand. We bought our house more for the yard, neighborhood and location to raise our kids, the house itself has been a work in progress. I love crock-pot dinners. It's so nice to come home to a house that smells yummy and dinner ready to go! I will gladly take any recipes you post.

  8. Katie, congrats on being pre-approved for a home. It is so exciting to be able to call your home yours. I remember when we bought our home we must have drove by it every night for a month before we moved in. I am sure the owners thought we were stalkers. I am hoping to find some crock pot ideas too that are BFC approved. I really hate cooking and I think a crock pot would save some time in the kitchen.