Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2nd Day of FT

Hello peeps, first of all I want to reassure all of you that I did eat enough yesterday. I made a big hearty spinach salad with protein and fat from pork chop, cheese, nuts and seeds and a little fruit. My soup was hearty with roasted chicken, celery and green beans. I usually eat more in the morning but I worked early and I was in a hurry. If I had taken pictures you would have been able to see that it was plenty of food.

Today was a good 2nd day of FT for both of us. Hubby had hard boiled eggs, turkey breakfast sausage, coconut bread, Jay Robb chocolate protein shake with almond milk, baby bell cheese, almonds and a hamburger to eat from the time he left he house early in the morning until he came home from work.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 turkey breakfast sausage links, roasted zucchini, broccoli and mushroom.
Snack: coconut bread
Lunch: hamburger patty, spinach salad with pear, fig, blue cheese, cashews, olives, pumpkin seeds
Snack: cheese stick with a little peanut butter
Dinner: sauteed broccoli, mushroom and ground hamburger, & a spinach salad.

Tomorrow is my Dad's bday and I am taking him out to breakfast. I hope everyone has a wonderful day :)


  1. Looks like a great day of meals! How are you feeling on the fast track? I feel so much better already - clearer, happier. Not sure if it's real or imagined, but I'll take it!

  2. HI Katie, all your meals sound great. But pears and figs?? too much sugar right? Is that allowed on the FT?? I don't have a book.
    Happy Birthday to your dad. Have a great day :-)