Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3rd Day of FT

My Wednesday was also gray and gloomy and very busy. Work is busy my co-worker who had surgery did not come back this week as originally planned. Today was my Dad's bday we went out to breakfast just the two of us. I was mostly good I had an omelet with sausage, ham and bacon but I ate some hash browns...oops not FT friendly.

Last night hubby and I took pictures and measured ourselves. I hope the FT is just the little boost we need right now. I don't know if I feel any different doing the FT except I am craving mac'n cheese, nothing like being told you can't eat something to make you crave it lol.

Breakfast: 1/2 a big omelet with ham, sausage, and bacon, jack cheese, several bites hash browns, coffee
Lunch: big spinach salad with last night's leftovers, hamburger, broccoli, mushroom, moz cheese, cashews
Dinner: rest of omelet, coconut bread
After dinner red wine


  1. Katie,
    That birthday breakfast with just you and your dad sounds so nice. I don't think the little potato mishap will hurt you - the rest of your day looked great!

  2. When I am craving mac and cheese, I sub cauliflower and broccoli for the pasta. It is yummy AND FT friendly! Just make sure you don't use wheat flour to thicken the cheese sauce. I have a recipe that's almost FT friendly - I just realized it's got corn starch in it, time to try it with coconut flour in the cheese sauce...

  3. Katie, hope your dad had a great birthday and how sweet you two got to go to breakfast together and I dont think you blew it to much. One thing great about the whole diet thing is that you can jump right back on. Happy week to you.

  4. I think taking the measurements will help you to really see how much you are losing. Good job! Omelets are supposedly good for us....I hope so! I certainly never used to eat the amount of eggs that I eat now.
    Dreary weather makes me want to eat! Don't let it get you going!