Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello all my skinny peeps! I am having a nice relaxing Saturday, we took our usual walk with our coffee and enjoyed the fall day. It's getting chilly up here so we broke out our hats and gloves. I have been playing around on the internet looking for crock pot recipes, I plan on making the turkey pumpkin chilli everyone has been talking about from skinny taste and trying some new recipes: balsamic chicken, Italian low carb meatloaf and some pumpkin soup from the skinny crock pot. Don't worry I will keep you all posted and share if they are keeper recipes.

Today was weigh in day 134.6 no change from last week, but I'm grateful I didn't gain after the bites of candy and frosted sugar cookie on Tuesday. I didn't exercise at all this week, bad Katie. I feel I am in a bit of a slump lately I think it's a combination of the change in weather, money stress and hormones. All reasons I need to be exercising. We are only getting half of hubby's tuition paid for by financial aide which is frustrating because that is based off of our income last year, I wasn't working and hubby made less money an hr than he does now. Anyway we keep plugging away looking for money from other sources for next quarter, it's just frustrating when we are trying to save. The good news is I am not turning to food and drink to deal with my stress.

This picture makes me laugh. Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)


  1. I cant wait to see if you find some keepers in regards to your recipes. Sorry to hear about the money situation. It seems to come at the wrong time. So proud of you for not letting stress ruin your diet. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. Katie, you are doing great, in spite of all the stress you are under. I remember having lots of money worries when my husband was still in school and we had a baby, and a car that broke down alot. It's hard to believe, but I think someday you will look back and think how simple and easy going life was at this point in your life. We didn't have alot back then, but we did have time, and that's something I wish I had more of now. Once kids, a bigger house, pets, bigger bills, longer work hours, etc come into your life, it will be hard to find time for you and your hubby. So try not to worry. Things always do seem to have a way of working out. And you can help us all by being the one to search, find and try all the recipes that you want to make! Hugs to you from me! Keep up the good work!

  3. Pattie is so right about the time thing. You seem to lose a lot of that "one on one" in mid-life. I think there is always something to be stressed about in these lives of ours, we just trade one stress for the other. Has your husband tried finding any "off the beaten track" scholarships? There are a lot of weird ones you've never heard of before on
    Looking forward to hearing more about the recipes you are trying. That Balsamic Chicken sounds good - I love the flavor of balsamic vinegar!

  4. Good morning! Exercise does help handling the stresses - that is so true! That is part of my problem too, not getting enough lately. I agree with Beth and Pattie - enjoy this 1 on 1 time you have! My hubby and I haven't even gone out for our anniversary yet b/c my baby sitter didn't follow up on me. Now it won't happen until at least next week. Looking forward to hearing about the crock pot meals too!

  5. HI - well no change in weight is good right? We will be waiting for the recipe's test. I too am having a bit of money problem and know how stressful it can be. That is the best thing I have learned is to not emotional eat.
    Have a great day :-)

  6. Hey Katie!
    I totally understand the money stress. about 2 yrs go, my hubby lost his job & I was the sole breadwinner on a part time income. Talk about stress!! Yikes! We did fine & managed & I am confident to say that it will all work out for you. Proud of you for not allowing that stress to derail your efforts. YOu are doing great so you just keep on keepin on!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. Congrats on maintaining. Emotional eating has been a downfall of mine-and to recognize your ability to handle life's stressors w/o using food-is a big deal!