Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good evening everyone, the weekend was nice and I had Monday off work.  We went to my folks on Sunday and had a great time. My folks were excited to hear that we got pre-approved to buy a house. One of their neighbors is renting their house out because it wouldn't sell and they are moving south for warmer weather, they told us several times that they would sell it to us lol...no way would we ever move so close to the folks. We keep telling my folks that we are holding out for the house right next store to them. LOL.

The scale said my weight was up by.6 lb but my waist measurement is down by .5 inches and my weekly pic shows that I am losing weight. I would like the number on the scale to be lower but after reading the article Beth shared with us it doesn't really bother me. Plus my Mom said she can tell I've lost weight especially after she hugged me :)

Monday I went to our brand new Trader Joe's holy crap it was busy, so I wasn't really able look around and take inventory. I bought hubby some good looking bfc approved bread and some other items. I was also looking for some fall decorations. Pier 1 has a pumpkin serving bowl and pumpkin soup dishes I  want, but I didn't get them because I have spent extra money lately on specialty bfc products: natures hollow jam, ghiradelli coco powder, clemmy's ice cream & unsweetened coconut flakes. It would be nice if money really grew on trees.

I was a little bad today because I ate  left over Halloween goodies: frosted sugar cookie along with several milk duds and candy corn, and a bite of butterfinger they didn't taste very good and TMI, they gave me gas. Eating that junk really reminded me that I don't miss that kind of food and need to continue to stay away from it. Goal for tomorrow: no more leftover Halloween candy cheats!!! :)


  1. Katie, just wanted to say thanks for the sweet words you wrote on my blog. I saved the message in my email to refer back to. You remembered the wedding coming up, and that is a great reason to stick with my plan. Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Me too! I have been nibbling on the candy. It actually gave me a horrible stomach ache last night. Back on the fast track today. :)

  3. Moving next to your folks sounds like that sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond"! I really loved that article explaining why the scale doesn't tell the whole truth. I saw this cute inexpensive idea for fall decorating. You stretch some string or fishing line across an area (like your kitchen window) and then buy those tiny miniature clothespins and then use them to hang beautiful fall leaves that you find on your walks. Bring the outside in!

  4. Candy is evil! :) I am glad to say I had no cravings at all, even for the peanut butter cups (which have been my weakness in the past) - hmmm - maybe i should make some almond butter cups...

    I am so excited for the Trader Joe's that just went in up here, too! I am going to need to make a trip down in an upcoming weekend, it's still too far out to take the kids during the day... say, you're not talking about Spokane, are you?

  5. Boy I am glad I didn't buy any candy to pass out cause I would be right there with you.
    I wish it grew on trees cause I would plant a few in the back. LOL
    Have a good one :-)

  6. I'm in Post Falls, Idaho! :O