Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello everyone, I was getting a little tired of the look of my blog so I gave it a festive face lift. I really need to put some current pics on but I need hubby's help and he is busy with homework right now. Thank you for the great comments, I think I will just tell sis-in-law that I don't want to do holiday baking, but plan a some other holiday activity date together. And for the sugary goodies that I am given hubby and I can always take them to work. The food bullies may never understand that being low sugar is a priority to me and not just a diet, but this is my lifestyle now and I have to stick to my guns.

Another thing that I need to work on is the voice that tells me "I deserve to indulge, and I will be missing out if I pass up on the belly bad goodies." I listened to that voice on Monday as I tried some homemade candies at work, I need to purpose to not do that at work because those little bites and "you have to try this" really add up.

Tonight for dinner I made a variation of the zucchini lasagna and it was delish. I added a package of frozen spinach to the ricotta mixture, hubby loved it. He says using zucchini instead of pasta is really helping him to stick to the bfc. He has really been on board with the bfc lately after he lost between  10-15 lbs doing the ft in October.

As far as pintrest is concerned my user name is Katesmccoy, just type it in the search box and then click on people. That is the simplest way to find the right Katie McCoy, or I should say The Real Katie McCoy LOL.

Pinned Image
It's a good thing hubby liked what we had for dinner tonight :)


  1. good for you Katie-for thinking of new ways to share the holiday love. Perhaps your SIL enjoys being with you-and the baking is just a vehicle? I'll check you out on addicting, isn't it!
    I think the ricotta/spinach idea is great-always looking for ways to add greens to my diet.
    Have a wonderful day

  2. Great job on the food pushers! I think lots of times they don't even realize that they are sabatoging you. Food is so ingrained as a way to celebrate during this time of the year. So neat that your hubby is with you on the diet - that would make fixing dinner and such so much easier and less stressful!

  3. Love the new holiday background color for the blog. I made the zucchini lasagna too yesterday. We're having it tonight. I thought of adding the spinach, but I was out. I varied alittle from Amber's recipe. I'm excited to try it tonight. Stay strong with those holiday treats. Don't be like me and give in to the M&M's! Hugs from me to you!

  4. I love red, so I love the new look!
    I wish I would have had that sign to post when my kids were little. They never liked what I made, that's probably why I still don't like to cook. Thank God I married a man who had lived on Lean Cuisine entree's for years before we met! Anything that isn't microwaved in a tray is homemade to him!
    Working in an office where people are bringing treats in to share a lot will be a hard one. Good luck!!!

  5. Loving the new blog background, I love to change mine every now and then. I want to try the zucchini lasagna too. I can relate to your husband about getting bored, so important to keep things changing on this plan. Have a great weekend.

  6. OMG Katie, I laughed out loud when I read that cartoon caption of the mother at the refrigerator! I feel like that is my life. My kids will turn their noses up at things that I make & I used to make eparate meals for them, but not anymore. YOu dont like it, then eat cereal! lol.
    YOu stick to your guns & your convictions about your low sugar lifestyle. YOu are doing great & so is hubby! Way to go!!!

  7. I really like your holiday look Katie! I decorated mine a bit for the holiday too. I'm going to have to try that zucchini lasagna, because I really liked them as Alfredo noodles.

  8. Love the red Katie! As for that voice, ignore it!! You DESERVE to be your ideal weight. You DESERVE to be healthy and fit. You DESERVE to fit into the sizes you want. You are doing a disservice to your body to indulge! Indulge in some Dark Chocolate or change the meaning of indulge :)

  9. Katie, where are you???
    Where oh where has our sweet Katie been, or where oh where did she go? I am humming that with the song "how much is that doggy in the window" tune:)

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