Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hello everyone, I am frustrated and annoyed with myself and I have had a hard time wanting to even get on blogger to read your blogs and to share. I was doing great until last weekend. Saturday we had my folks over for dinner we had lots of yummy bfc approved food I just ate too much...we had burgers I ate a whole wheat bun 5g of sugar, homemade fries, salad, wine (2 glasses) and a clemmy O for dessert. Nothing too crazy but I know between the carbs from the hamburger bun, potatoes it was too much. Sunday we had a bbq at my in-laws for Father's day, I ate too many cheese potatoes and several glasses of wine, although I did good resisting pie and ice cream for dessert.

I wasn't much better during the work week, I ate wheat thins with my lunch and when hubby and I went out to dinner on Wednesday for a much needed night out I drank an Italian Sidecar which is a vodka drink my co-worker has been raving about with pellegrino orange which had 20g of sugar alone....What is wrong with me? Where has my discipline and self-control gone? I have been listening to the voice in my head that says "It's ok,  you never eat this, you deserve it and it won't count" I don't know what to do with myself. I am back on the straight and narrow again but I need to put the kabosh on all this cheating. I feel crummy from all the extra carbs and sugar. If anyone has any helpful suggestions on how to quit cheating so much I would love to hear them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mood matches our weather, I feel gray and after I finish this I am off to the gym for a good workout. I am drinking lots of water today and I am hoping to feel better tomorrow.


  1. I'm sorry Katie you are having a hard time. I believe its all in your head and I have said that many times. Once you have mastered that part the rest is easy. Just try real hard to get back in the zone - you can do it :-)

  2. I'm sorry. Maybe if you figure out how low your carbs need to go to stop the cravings would help. Maybe your typical carb level (on your good days) is still too high for your internal craving monster and that's causing your constant struggle with cravings??? I hope you figure it out quickly.

  3. I find I'm like an alcoholic ... they can't have just one drink and I don't allow myself to have "just one anything I shouldn't". I have no cravings eating this way but I'm afraid if I allow myself to "cheat" that the cravings will kick in. I personally think it works better when you consider that stuff "not an option" and figure it out from there. Good luck figuring it out :) I want to be successful like Rosalie and she lives this eating style every single day – I think that’s the way to do it.

  4. I think our dreary, crappy weather makes us hungry!!! Maybe when Summer actually kicks in we will get ourselves in gear and be successful again. I think you may need to detox your sugar again. Maybe 2 weeks of really staying under the 15 sugars? I truly think that alcohol may be one of the reasons you let down your guard. I kind of remember your best success was when you gave it up for awhile?
    If it makes you feel better, we are all about the same right now!
    You can do it, just do it!!!

  5. I know that once I start to cheat, it's awefully hard to stop. Pick yourself back up, and start over! You have to decide that NONE is ok. I know I fall into the same trap - well, just a little? NO! Just a little leads to a lot. I agree too with Kay about the weather. Hopefully the sunny weather will be here to stay and we can get a little vitamin D and feel better.