Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goin Campin :)

Good morning everyone!!! Today we leave to go camping...yeehawww!!!! Yesterday I spent all day in the kitchen making belly friendly goodies to take, last year I came home 4 lbs heavier, so I really put some thought into how this year can be better. I made: lemon coconut bread, almond protein bites, mini crust less quiches, and sugar free marshmallows that I have been wanting to try for a long time. I also made a batch of regular marshmallows for everyone else.

On Saturday we went to a bbq with our out of town friends and some other friends in town we don't see very often, I was a good girl no beer for me :) And surprisingly I felt great and I didn't feel left out at all. We had cheese burgers and kaboobs so there was plenty of things to eat, it was a good get together.

I love how I feel when I am good and I just have the discipline to stay away from belly bad foods. My jeans still don't fit the way I want :( but I know they will if I keep having more good food days, keep up going to my exercise classes and get in more cardio. Sometimes it's frustrating that I'm not just there now, but I know that some of my small cheats this summer, are the reason I'm not there.

Well, I guess that's all for now have a wonderful week everyone :)


  1. Have a great time camping. Such a good girl to make all of those treats. Now how in the heck do you make marshmallows??

  2. What a great idea to make BFC snacks and foods to take with you! That's what I did on my beach trip and it made it so much easier once I was there. I LOVE to camp! We have a little pop-up that's seen better days, but it was great when the boys were young.

  3. Great job Katie!!! Have a great time "campin". You couldn't ask for better weather! Enjoy:)

  4. Have fun camping! And great job with all the BFC stuff. you will do great!