Friday, September 9, 2011

Beautiful Friday

The chocolate cake was a success, whew!!! Next time I think I might put a little more stevia into the cake and frosting and try using ghiradelli coco powder instead of hershey's. I thought the cake was a little bitter for my taste, but it was a good first go at baking belly friendly goodies. We were going to go out for dinner for my Mom's bday, but she wasn't feeling 100% so we stayed home and had some papa muphy's. Papa murhpy's is a take and bake pizza chain for any who don't have them in your neck of the woods. I had two slices of the deLite (thin crust) and ate the toppings off a regular piece, much better than last time I ate papa murhpy's. Regular crust makes my tummy hurt but apparently the thin is ok.

I was feeling really good yesterday, my tummy didn't hurt and I was regular again. On my afternoon brake I ate two slices of coconut bread with a little peanut butter. I was still feeling snacky so I ate several pretzels and dipped one pretzel in nutella, right away my tummy hurt even after what I thought was a small amount of pretzels and nutella. I felt really frustrated with myself that I did that to my poor tummy, but lesson learned my tummy doesn't tolerate some things very well even in small amounts.

Linda, when I went to Seattle I could not find any of the nature's hollow or other bfc products except clemmy's at Whole Foods. Maybe Trader Joe's would have some of the bfc products you are looking for. I found my nature's hollow in my local health food store on the east side of the state. I'm sorry not to be more helpful, I hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle when you go.

Kay, I don't know why I haven't been blogging so much I feel I am in a bit of a slump. I try to start writing and I often feel I don't have anything worthwhile to say. I will work on being better because I really value our little community and all the support and encouragement I receive. Thank you for checking up on me I really appreciate all my fellow bloggers and readers. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. My plan for today is to bust out some chores so it looks nice when hubby gets home, he did that for me last Friday :) and then to get out and enjoy the beautiful day. Big hugs to all my friends :)


  1. Glad you were able to find Papa Murphy's that doesn't hurt your belly! It sounds like BFC is really good for your body - doesn't it feel good to know you've hit on the 'right way to eat' for your body?

  2. Hi Katie. Good for you attempting that chocolate cake. I'm still loving the coconut bread. Made it today with walnuts at Rosalies suggestion and fresh lemon juic. So good. I bought my natures hollow on The price there was 4.99 a jar and it was alittle cheaper than the nature's hollow website which was 5.19. I can't find any of that stuff in our local stores. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hang in there Katie! We all go through slumps from time to time but we are all here to send you hugs & encouragement! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. HI Katie,
    I have never heard of papa murphys but it sounds good. I thought I would miss pizza the most on the BFC, but I make it on tortillas and pitas or cauliflower crust. It's not the same -but almost.
    I hope your mom is feeling better.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. Katie, Thanks for your very nice comments on my blog! We don't have any Papa Murphys around here either which I guess is good, since it sounds good and I have always liked pizza! I make the pita pizzas a lot too. Hope you got to enjoy your day and hope your weekend is just as nice!

  6. Our supportive community is great isn't it! Hope your enjoying your day. Glad to see your post.