Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello friends, it's crazy that it has been ten years since 9-11. My heart is very sad for all the families who lost loved ones and everyone who has health problems due to exposure to all the nasty stuff in the wreckage. I am also very grateful to all the first responders all over the country who are willing to put themselves at risk to help others.

 First of all our college football team the University of Washington won their game against Hawaii on Saturday which is wonderful for me because hubby gets cranky when they lose, I'm sure many of you can relate to that :) We had my in-laws over for dinner last night and it was a big success I even served lemon coconut bread for dessert.  I love how having company over gets us to make our place sparkle, it is so nice in here.

I guess I don't have too much else to say, it's a hot one up here in my neck of the woods. We went to the park this afternoon but it was too hot so we came home and I took a nice nap. Yesterday I got some Adams peanut butter to make Dawn's pb cookies, I was going to make them yesterday for our company but there wasn't enough time after I made the lemon coconut bread. I hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday :)


  1. Go Huskies! I hope everyone liked the lemon coconut bread - yum! I need to make another batch of my peanut butter cookies. They are so yummy!

    I can't believe it's been 10 years. I was pregnant with my oldest son when I heard about the crash. And now he's so big! *sigh* It's like it happened yesterday.

    Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  2. Yeah it was very sad seeing all that stuff on TV all day.
    It's nice to have company over, I hoped they liked the lemon bread.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Having company is always a great reason to get the house all clean and sparkly. Loving that lemon coconut bread. Hope your guests liked it!

  4. The lemon coconut is my favorite. I like how you are able to use the BFC recipes for anyone. They are that good! I turned our A/C off here today and opened all the windows because it was so cool this morning...., now I'm kinda wishing I hadn't done that. Hopefully the night air will be cool.