Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A beautiful sunny Wednesday

Hello friends, I hope every one's Wednesday was as beautiful as mine was. Linda, I am so sorry about Wille my heart breaks for you. My parents last dog Abby an eleven year old golden retriever had to be put down while hubby and I were in CA, it's never easy to lose an animal family member.

The wedding was beautiful and I am grateful that hubby and I chose to go instead of my reunion. It baffles me that people wear ball caps and jeans to weddings these days, when did we become such a casual society that we dress up for nothing? I did pretty good food wise for the weekend and I only had several bites of cake, although I had more than two glasses of wine...bad me. We had a great time, hubby even danced with me even though he didn't want to because he was our driver and did not have any beer or wine. We stayed at a beautiful B&B although we didn't get to spend very much time there, it would have been nice to stay an extra day.

I got the Fast Track last night on our kindle and started reading it today. It was my first time using the kindle and it felt kinda weird, I kinda wish I had a regular book. I looked for one when I went out to do some grocery shopping but Walmart only had a Fast Track, Tracker combo pack and I already have a Tracker (even though I never use it) I guess I need to give the kindle more of a chance. I am thinking of trying the FT after I read more about it. In a way it feels kinda strange because it is different from the bfc.

Well, I should go start dinner I've had the day off and it would be nice to eat when hubby gets home. Today was his first day of school, life is changing in the McCoy household. :)


  1. Good luck with the changing schedule. This week, for the first time ever, my husband has had to be at work at nights. As in, last night he and I put the kids to bed, he took a shower and left for the night. I woke up this morning (early) and he wasn't home yet. Weird for me. My kids are all weird, too, because of it.

    I am waiting for the Fast Track - think it comes tomorrow. I am going to do the challenge that Amber has planned in October - at least I currently plan to.

    I also like to dress up for weddings. I made the mistake of not packing for cold weather at the last one, though, and had to wear my jeans with a nice top and pretty scarf. I felt horrible that I wasn't in my skirt, but everyone else looked *really* cold, and I lent my coat to the bride for a time, so at least there's that..

    Sounds like you did pretty well! too much wine is better than too much cake, IMHO. :)

  2. I hope I'm able to post this comment. I even posted my problem in the blogger help community site. I tried to comment a few days ago & it didn't work. Anyway, sounds like you had a great time at the wedding. I've been thinking about doing Amber's challenge just as a grain free challenge. Don't know why I feel the need to be a rebel.

  3. Yay, Yay, yay it worked...I'm so excited!

  4. It sounds like you had such a nice time at the wedding. The B&B sounds so romantic even though you didn't get enough time there.
    I have a kindle which I LOVE for reading my novels, but I do not like it for reference books like the BFC. I need to see the information and the pictures and stuff all laid out book style to get a good grasp on the content. I got the BFC tracker on my Kindle and can barely see the print. You can get a free kindle app for your computer and all the books on your regular kindle will go on automatically when you sign in. By using the PC Kindle App I can see the food tracker better. The regular Kindles are great for straight reading though.

  5. I wish I had a Kindle just so I can down load books without the hassle of going to the store. I just bought the FT too and I am thinking about giving it a try. Might be on and off between using the regular BFC. The B&B sounds romantic and to bad you didnt have more time to enjoy it.

  6. HI Katie, It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I don't have a kindle, but everyone that downloads the BFC book says they wish they didn't and had a copy also. I guess you don't see the pictures good??
    Have a great day girley :-)

  7. I don't get how people dress now days either. I guess casual means different things to different people.
    I'm not sure about the FT book yet. I haven't read more than just the first couple of pages, but I like what I am doing. I think there is a difference between 14 days and a cure. Just my humble opinion!
    I want a kindle so I am interested to see what you think once you get used to it. I have heard that everyone loves them!
    I hope school goes great for hubby! Change is good:)

  8. You are looking great Katie! I got the book and immediately loaned it out. Thinking of getting the Kindle version too. I dont have a Kindle, but an Android Tablet with the Kindle app that Ive never used. Im going FT as soon as my Half is over and done with can only DREAM of being in the 130 with you!

  9. Hey Katie! Yes, isnt it amazing when you see people dressed like hillbillies at weddings? When my hubby worked at a different place than he does now, they had a beautiful christmas party every year that was a dress up event. My hubby and I used to take bets on how many people would show up in jeans & tshirts and how many women would have huge tattoos all over their backs and of course they had to show them off in a dress that they shouldnt be wearing in the first place. lol and oy!!!
    Glad you had a great time at the wedding & a nice getaway with your man.
    Hugs to you!