Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hump Day

Hello friends, happy hump day! Life is good and I am feeling pretty positive today. I have been taking evening primrose oil and probiotics for around two weeks and my mood and tummy are much better. I weighed myself today at my folks 135.4 the same as last week, but my jeans fit better now than they did a week ago...go figure.

I am doing much better on the bfc, I have learned that little cheats add up to my clothes not fitting the way I want them to, and my tummy being upset.  Since the bfc I am more sensitive to highly processed carbs last week I had several pretzels at work, and boy howdy I paid for it big time.

Do you guys know when the fast track is available in the bookstores? I am considering doing the fast track to help get me down to 130, I don't know I just want to lose a little more fat in my tummy. I can really relate to Kay's post the other day, I wonder if I will ever feel satisfied or happy with the way I look. Hang in there friends we can do this :)


  1. Happy hump day! I think the book was in the stores on the 13th. I bought the kindle versions that day, I wrote about it on my blog yesteray. I know what you mean about the little cheats adding up. I got caught in that myself! I am trying the fast track again. Went out to dinner last night, so that wasn't exactly on it, but close!

  2. One last thing Katie, do you like the evening primrose oil? What do you take it for?

  3. Good morning Katie!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I would chew off my right arm to weigh 135.4 but I do understand the whole concept of getting to where you want to be. I wonder to myself if 150 is going to make me happy or if I will have to go lower. Oh well, we shall see.
    Have a great rest of the week!!!

  4. Hi Katie,
    I agree with you that little cheats add up. I'm one of those people that can't really cheat at all on the BFC, because I'm losing slow enough doing it exactly! I bought the Fast Track book the other day at our local warehouse store called BJ's. I might give it a try at the end of September. I figure we can do anything for just 14 days- right?

  5. I also agree about the cheats. I eat enough 'healthy food' that cheating here really isn't an option. :)

    I am also wondering for myself when to 'call it good.' I am at a good weight, but I want to get more fat off, so I just am not ready to 'go into maintenance.' Oh well.

  6. Yes I agree with everyone that little stuff will add up to you not feeling great in the tummy.
    I am very happy at 150lbs. If I happen to get down another 5 to 145 that would be OK but never more than that and I am not trying to get lower - just maintain.
    Have a great day :-)

  7. I have heard stars talk about how they are never satisfied with how they look and we think they are perfect? It must be a flaw in all of us. I do wonder how people that have their tummy's hanging out below their shirt, don't realize that it looks bad?
    There was a gal that walked every morning at the mall when I worked there, that's nipples hung out under the hem of her shirt, now HOW can you not see that????

  8. Isn't it amazing how quickly our bodies get used to healthy foods & when we eat junk it definitely lets us know. Just wondering what is your goal weight. Mine is 115, which sounds low, but is a bmi of 20.4 . Although since I'm in my 40s if I start looking too wrinkley I think I'll stop losing. ;)