Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Wednesday

Good morning friends and thank you for such great comments yesterday. I love that on the bfc I can eat anything I want I just need to be mindful of portion control. Although sometimes I miss having a bowl of regular ice cream or a fat milk chocolate bar and not thinking twice about sugar...but back in those days I complained about my body a lot and thought I would never lose the 10-15 lbs that I had been struggling with...sometimes I thought there was something wrong with me because I thought I was doing everything right lol. Now that I look back I was eating a ton of sugar every day without realizing it or caring, because I was eating "healthy foods"

Yesterday we went out to dinner with an old childhood friend of hubby's, his Grandma, Mom and Step-dad and another couple. I have met the parents and Grandma several times before but never Roy and his girlfriend Missy because they had been out of touch because they were heroine addicts. They have been clean for a year now which is amazing and I am so happy for them. Roy and hubby have been friends since they were four and were really close until Roy got into hard drugs and fell off the grid. I was nervous to met him I thought he would be kinda gruff, but he is the sweetest guy and I hope hubby and I can encourage him in his recovery.

Well, I guess that's all for now I hope everyone has a wonderful day :)


  1. Yeah we did eat a ton of sugar before without realizing it. I hope Roy and Missy stay clean. I'm sure they could use some support.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Glad to hear your dinner went well! Sounds like they are doing great- yay!

    I am amazed at how much sugar is in everyday healthy foods too! I actually made some sugar free ice cream this morning, if it turns out I will post about it. I got the recipe off a blog that I frequent, and she always makes good stuff, but you never know...

    take care on this wonderful wednesday!

  3. HI Katie. It's hard to believe now when I look back how much sugar I ate without even realizing it. I hope you have a great rest of the day. Sure is hot here in PA!

  4. Thanks Katie! I am not technically do the fast track - I like to eat what I like to eat, and menu plans in general haven't ever really worked for me. This list of foods on the Fast Track is really restrictive, from what I've seen. So I'm doing a modified version of FT, I guess. :) I will check out the Fast Track Book out when it comes out to see if there is anything different than what I know.

    Chia seeds are pretty interesting! They absorb liquid, so when you add them to water they become a gel. It's a great way to get fiber, and I think they have other nutritional value as well. They are pretty hard to find here, I have to go to the natural food store or Fred Meyer. Good luck!