Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fresh seasonal fruit

Hi my friends, this is my third attempt at writing this post...everything I tried to say before just didn't seem right. I am so thankful for this bfc community, I know that without it I would have given up a long time ago. The blogs give us a chance to connect with real people who are doing the bfc. I don't feel connected to Jorge, I am grateful to him for making me aware of the seriousness of sugar and bad carbs...but  I do feel connected to the blogs I read and the people I have met. When I first started the bfc I read Amber and Rosalie's blogs front to back and was encouraged and learned how to apply the bfc and valuable tools Jorge didn't talk about...from Rosalie's blog I discovered other bfc blogs which inspired me to start my own. If I had just read about the bfc in a magazine or heard about it on tv I probably would have thought it was weird and never would have tried it. I heard about the bfc from my Mom who heard about it from her Dr. who lost 30+ lbs...I remember seeing the book at my folks house and being interested because the title caught my eye and I wanted to lose my belly fat. Doing the bfc is something I decided to do for myself, and my Mom is only kinda doing the bfc...she has given up her flavored coffee creamer, and tries to eat dark chocolate instead of a whole bar of milk chocolate.

Now that summer is finally here and all the fresh fruit is hitting the stores I find myself wondering if when fruit is fresh and in season it's ok to have small small portions and still lose. In the Q&A  section of the bfc book Jorge says "fruit was created in tropical climates and in earlier times was available only certain times a year- now we have access to everything, anytime which is not how it was intended to be consumed" I am wondering if it's ok to have small portions of fruit because this is the time that it is available in a local seasonal way which is the best way for us to consume fresh fruit and veggies.

The other day at the bridal shower I had two strawberries, a small bite sized chunk of watermelon, and 3-5 grapes....it was soo good. I think I might try eating 1/4 of some of the in season fruit to keep from going crazy this summer. I don't know...what do you guys think? Well, I guess that's all for now I hope everyone has a nice day :)


  1. I really understand how you feel about both subjects.
    The blog community has really helped me and kept me focused. None of us are connected with Jorge at all. All he did was write the book, so we can be aware.
    On the fruit - I too have thought about that. Once you have got to where you want to be with your weight, I don't see anything wrong with a little bit once in a while. Not a whole bunch every day - but I have been eating a few extra berries with my breakfast lately.
    I guess just try to be aware of how much total sugar you are consuming in a day :-)

  2. HI Katie. I agree about Jorge. He doesn't seem to connect with his followers. I used to think he was sincere, but if you ever look at facebook, he puts out a question...like "how can I help you" sort of thing, but then he never answers anyone. I do recall once that he said or I read that he said, fruit is natures dessert. You wouldn't have many desserts in a day, so you shouldn't have many fruits. I am alittle mixed on this one. I know that I have binged on a whole container of strawberries or bowls of watermelon.I do think the sweetness of it kept me eating it. However, it has to be better for you than a big old bagel which has too many carbs or binging on something sweet. My mom has lost lots of weight on weight watchers and kept if off for 4 years. Their new plan lets you have unlimited fruits and vegetables. You don't have to count them towards your daily points. She said many people are doing really well on it, and eating unlimited fruit. I think maybe just increasing your fruit a little daily, and pick lower sugar fruits like the berries. For me, since I still have lots to lose, I think I'd better abstain for now.

  3. I think fruit in moderation is fine. I just make sure to keep my portion small enough to allow for the other food I'm eating with it to stay at the 5 grams or less. my trainer, who doesn't BFC, says that you don't count fruit sugar in your sugar count, so once I'm to a goal I'm happy with I may start to add more back in, but for the most part I'm pretty darn happy with 5 or less grams of fruit sugar per meal.