Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food at work

Good morning everyone, thanks for the nice comments yesterday slowly I am figuring how to get my blog how I want it. Thank you Rosalie for offering  to help, if I get stuck I will be sure to ask for help, but right now it feels kinda good to be figuring it out on my own. :) Thank you Dawn for sharing the brand of chia seeds you like the best, it is so helpful to get product recommendations from the blogs.

Food at work is one of the easiest ways for anyone to get derailed on eating the way they want. Yesterday there was food for a birthday and several people told me to go get some, and when I said I was trying to be good and it's just easier not to eat any at all or go in the front office to see, they said there was fruit chocolate covered fruit in there which as everyone knows chocolate covered fruit = lots of sugar!!! Everyone has good intentions so I usually thank them for telling me that but share that I am doing a low sugar plan and that usually is a good enough answer. Today is another bday potluck at work and I plan to stay away from it again...especially the costco cake. In the past I've had a little cake, but now that I am doing the 30 day challenge I am going to pass because I know the cake will stall my progress and I want to have some discipline and set myself up for success.

I feel a little strange today, when I got home from work last night hubby wasn't home and I opened a bottle of wine while I made dinner...well, the wine went down so easily that I drank the whole bottle which was not good. The wine lowered my guard and everything that has been on my mind came out to hubby when he came home in a not very nice way. The usual things irritation hubby has had Fridays off for awhile because he got his hours cut....I don't have to work tomorrow and I wanted us to go to the lake for the day, well now hubby has to work Fridays again...which is a good thing in the big picture but a disappointment for now....a little stress with hubby starting school and we recently learned the best plan is to save the GI bill for a 4 year school instead of using some of the GI bill for community college. Anyway, I know better than to drink a whole bottle of wine and if I had only drank 1-2 glasses I'm sure I wouldn't have argued with hubby. But today is a fresh new day and there is no sense in beating myself up about the mistakes of yesterday.

Well, I better go get ready for work I hope everyone has a nice day :) P.S. Laura I know what you mean about getting up enough nerve to start a blog, I was very nervous about starting mine but I am very grateful that I did I don't think I could have stayed on the bfc without the support and encouragement the blog community provides. Please consider starting a blog we would love to help support you!!!


  1. Ok, at least you didn't have a bag of cookies or a whole cake! Wine at least is low to no sugar. That is my weakness too, and I find if I drink too much I do become more argumentative. Shake it off. It's a new day. Have a great one!

  2. You know - you have been real good about the wine thing, so you got a little carried away. It's OK. Hopefully your hubby will understand and everything will be great today :-)Great job about passing up all that good stuff at work.

  3. Hooray for no cake! Proud of you too! Sorry to hear about the fight last night, that's NO FUN! Make up for it tonight. :P

    Laura, if you read this, GO FOR IT! It's very motivating to have a blog!!

  4. I'm going to play the "mother" roll here....I don't know how drinking a whole bottle of wine could be good for your health, or your mental state. It is a depressant! If you can lick the sugar habit, you can lick the extra wine. You seem so disciplined on other things so I know you can do it! I hope you don't take my advice as a negative, it is meant with love:)

  5. Katie, I'm so proud of you for not having any cake. We recently had a bday celebration for one of the guys that shares our office and I was determined to not be bullied into having cake so I made the muffins from Jorge's book and had that while everyone else had cake. I was still able to celebrate along with everyone else, but without all that sugar. You are doing so good, keep it up! Thanks for the encouraging words to both you and Dawn about starting a blog...even my husband agrees with you guys and thinks I should start one! We'll see. Have a great day!