Friday, July 8, 2011


Hello friends! It is a beautiful Friday evening in my neck of the woods I am so glad the weekend is finally here. Hubby worked early today and when he got off he cleaned the apt and it looks so nice in here :) I had just started to write a nice post yesterday and work called and asked if I would come in early. Yesterday was a hot beautiful summer day so after work hubby and I got a picnic together and went to the park and we had a great time even though the weather cooled significantly and it looked like it wanted to storm. We had some wine, olives, baby bell cheese and blackberries :)

I've been thinking about moderation lately, especially after Pattie said one of her guest's said everything in moderation after Pattie said how terrible sugar laden foods are especially for kids. I think people like to throw that word around to justify x,y and z behavior. I looked up moderation and it says doing nothing in excess, the process of limiting or lessening extremes. In a lot of ways I think the bfc is a moderate way of eating....the only thing we are to truly avoid is fake sugar of all kinds because it is so terrible. Why would you want to intentionally ingest a substance that causes neurological problems, bladder cancer, depression, and thinning hair? Yet so many people are not willing to accept how terrible it is, I think it's because they want to believe that what they are doing is good, they think the word diet or low-fat is good.

Well, I guess that's all for now hubby wants to watch some Sopranos and dinner is almost ready. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, be kind to yourself and make good bfc choices :)


  1. I agree Katie, all things in moderation!
    I think it is very sweet that you and your husband have picnics in the park. It gives you one on one time. We tend to eat while the news is on.
    I really believe that a lot more products are going to start coming out with Stevia and it will get more popular to eat this way. That will help when we want to find the products we hear about. I didn't buy the Nature's Hollow jam when I found it about a month ago because it was almost 5.00. I get so mad at myself because I would have eaten it often and I spend 5.00 on junk food! Ugh!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully your weather holds.
    Blessings, K

  2. I do agree that moderation is key to most things in life. I suppose unless it's absolutely harmful to you, and then you should stay away! LOL I feel that TBFC is totally a moderate diet - although I didn't feel that way before I started the diet. Now it feels like I can really have anything I want, just 'in moderation.' LOL. I don't want artificial sweeteners. I don't want high sugar foods. I don't want high carb breads and pastas. yay!!

  3. I agree also - and I also don't know how u get him to clean or got to the park. What is your trick??
    Mine won't hardly walk with me or anything.
    And I think what ever the cost for the stuff we eat is worth it, since we don't eat out as much any more.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  4. Wonderful post Katie. I love the be kind to yourself part. I have to work on that, because I can be my own worse enemy. Hope you have an awesome weekend.

  5. Hey Katie! My favorite chocolate right now is Endangered Species Extreme Dark chocolate - it's 88 percent, although I do like that Midnight Reverie. mmm. I don't think they sell that at my normal grocery store.