Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday and Happy July!

Good morning everyone, Happy Friday and Happy July!!! It is a beautiful morning here in my neck of the woods, of course I wish I had the day off and I could go back to bed :) but I guess that's why there is coffee. I used to take it with lots of flavored coffee creamer. I'm glad I gave it up, one serving 2Tbs has five grams of sugar...and I've measured it out before 2Tbs of creamer doesn't cut it. It's funny how everyone has an opinion about coffee, hubby used to make fun of me and say that I didn't drink it the right Grandma used to say only alcoholics drank theirs black lol.

We don't have any big plans to go out of town this weekend, my in-laws are having a bbq. We are bringing ribs and I think we might also bring a nice green salad in case most of the sides are sugary or bad carbs. I used to stress about eating out or going to other's houses for dinner, now I bring snacks with me or food to share. At first I didn't want to draw attention to my low sugar ways or draw attention to myself. I don't know if you can tell from my posts but I'm more on the shy/quiet side. I've learned that I don't have to eat food that is not on the plan and as long as I am kind and explain why folks don't care.  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!!!

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  1. Hi Katie,

    You seem to have the eating out thing down. I struggle with that as I don't want to appear different than everyone else. I don't feel like I am a real good example for the BFC as I haven't set the world on fire with my weight loss. People don't want to hear about the low sugar, low carb thing. My sister in law came with all these sugar snacks and candy for her kids. When I said how bad it is to give that to them, she said everything in moderation. I know the reason I have the weight problem I do, is because I didn't have the best eating habits as a child. I just have to show by example I guess. Hope you have a great weekend!