Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello everyone, our weekend was great I had some great times with hubby's family. We had some yummy food except I had a piece of bbq chicken which made my tummy hurt, this is the second time I have done this at my in-laws bbqs hopefully the third time I will learn  to stay away from the bbq sauce. I had a couple of Alaskan Amber's Summer Ale that I really like during the weekend...I told hubby I have drank less beer this summer than I have in a long time...1-2 once in awhile instead of 6 pack after six pack is satisfying and I don't feel like I am missing out on some of the summer treats I love. Less beer in general is really paying off. 132.2 lbs :) :) :)

I also had some disappointing news lately, my 10 yr HS reunion is the same day as an out of town wedding hubby and I are going to :( Such is life. Another disappointment/change in plans is hubby was planning to go to community college in Sept on the GI bill and then transfer. The GI bill pays to the highest state school, but there is a program called the yellow ribbon act that allows private schools to take a certain number of students using the GI bill and the yellow ribbon act would make up the difference. Well, hubby just found out that if he uses his GI bill for two years at community there won't be enough left to cover the school he wants to go to. He has been advised to get financial aid to help pay for community and not even use the GI bill yet...I'm sure things will be fine but it's a disappointment and a big change in plans for us.

The bfc is helping me to make progress in how I handle disappointments, before I would have picked up some wine to help me deal with things and maybe a sweet treat because I told myself I deserved it. Making progress in not emotional eating/drinking is a big thing for me. I hope everyone has a wonderful day :)


  1. Hey Katie! I am sorry to hear about your news, but the not emotional eating is huge! Wahoo!

    How's your 30 day challenge going? We're on day 5 already!

  2. It's funny how we can learn to change when we really try hard.
    I also used to emotional eat before - but not now.
    Love you new picture. You both always look so happy.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. I love your new picture! Very pretty girl!
    That is a bummer about the reunion and the college. There is no good answer to the college situation. I hope he gets advice from someone he trusts, and not someone that is trying to influence his decision for their gain. Just saying, double check everything!
    Good job on your self control!