Tuesday, February 15, 2011

6th Week BFC Day 2

Rainy/snowy day her in WA state...I am ready for spring!!!! At least I am doin the bfc now so that I will fit into my spring/summer clothes. I have a super cute strapless white dress my Mom bought me last year that I haven't even worn yet... I know my hubby would like me to wear it this year...my hubby is so great. He calls me his BKG beautiful Katie girl...I married such an amazing man. Well, down to business :)

Breakfast: 1/2 c oatmeal with 1/4c bluberries and lemon barleans and sliced almonds. Yummy...although in the future when I have that breakfast I will only make 1/4c oatmeal cuz the blueberries have 1 carb so I went over my 5/2. black coffee. apple cider vinegar.

Lunch: spinach salad with tuna. sprouts. olives. cucumber. gouda. sunflower seeds & cashews (just a tiny bit of those) very yummy. black coffee I  only make about one big cup at a time...I love fresh coffee. apple cider vinegar, My salad kept me full until dinner time, which is good cuz I have been getting snackiety/hungry just before dinner.

Mid afternoon snack: one dove sugar free raspberry creme cut into little pieces, microwaved until a little soft and covered with whipped cream. It's crazy but it totally hit the spot.

Dinner: stir-fry with chard, baby bok choy. asparagus. portobello mushroom. ginger. green beans. soy sauce. balsamic vin and sesame oil. with 1/2 c brown rice. and grilled tilapia. more black coffee after dinner...have i mentioned that my hubby and I LOVE our coffee ...he he although maybe I shouldn't have had a cup after dinner cuz i have been having problems goin to sleep.

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