Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7th WeeK BFC Day 2

Hello my BFC friends, I am really enjoying getting to know many of you through your blogs and the comments you post on mine. I am so glad I joined this circle of support, I don't think I was benefiting as much from just reading your blogs. The accountability helps keep me centered and focused. Sometimes I have thought about fudging how much I ate or drank especially when I've had 3 glasses of wine instead of 2, but I have decided to be honest with you, in my blog and in the comments I post on yours.
 Today has been a great/crazy day for me. First of all I woke up to snow blah. I'm tired of snow....but it didn't stay long and now it is sunny out at 4...go figure. We were able to borrow a taho so I had a set of wheels today...yay! So I had to take hubby to work, then I went to walmart I was looking for some clarifying shampoo, I don't know if I couldn't find it cuz it was early and I didn't have enough coffee in me or if they didn't carry it. Can anyone recommend a clarifying shampoo that's not crazy expensive, if you can I would really appreciate it. My hair feels like it has buildup in it...blah.
 Then I had a job interview, which went well and they want me to go back in and do a background check tomorrow...and if they are happy with my results (which they should be, I don't  have a criminal background) they will offer me a job. yay!!!  I don't really want to say too much more about it right now, since it's not official yet.. I would hate to be like that football coach recently that announced to the world that he had accepted a job before everything was official, and then he didn't get the job...poor guy....but things look good.  I really need a job I haven't worked since I injured my knee. I have been very stressed about the whole thing.
Breakfast: not very much cuz I was nervous...black coffee, tension tamer tea, roasted chicken

Lunch: black coffee, tension tamer tea, fried egg sandwich with 2 slices Ezekiel 4:9, cheddar, mayo and roasted chicken. 1 dove sugar free chocolate creme.
 I need to get some more lindt 85% dark when I go to the commissary next...they recently raised taxes on snacks here and I think it is too expensive in the grocery stores.

For dinner we are having mini lasagnas that I made yesterday...each one has one noodle, 1/2c sauce, Italian turkey sausage, cottage cheese for the filling (cuz I don't have ricotta on hand), and moz cheese. We will probably have a spinach salad to go along with it.


  1. Sounds like a great day of eating!! :) Good job! What kinda of red wine do you suggest? I haven't really found a good one because I usually drank a white wine or pink, but not the biggest fan of red. I only like this one called Lambrusco that olive garden sells, but I don't know if that one is allowed. I hope you get the job, I would be crazy not being able to work. I need it to keep myself busy, plus of course I need the money. hehe!! Its best to be honest when posting or commenting because it helps us help one another. We won't judge anyone. Some night you might just need that extra glass of wine. I know I have those nights plenty of time. =)

  2. HI Katie, I am wishing you luck with the job. Also I agree that you should always be honest on here. It will not help others that read it if we make stuff up, and like Lindsay said, we are not gonna pick on you if you mess up. About the wine, I only drink red now like merlot or cabernet savingnon, pinot noir. But I only have it once in a while.
    YOu are doing so great - keep it up! :-)