Saturday, February 26, 2011

7th Week BFC Day 6

Hello BFC friends. It would be fun if we could all get together and hang out this weekend, it would be fun to hang at Rosalie's house, we could take a field trip to Henry's and stock up on bfc foods that many of us have a hard time finding. I would love to keep Rosalie company while her hubby is working this weekend, maybe we would see a movie too, since we know how much she loves the movies. :)
 Truly I would love to be in SoCal this weekend, it is cold cold cold up here. I went to breakfast with a friend this morning and the taho said it was 9 degrees outside...blah. I don't want to give the taho back, it has heated seats and it drives like a dream especially in the snow.
 Man, life is really something. When it rains it pours. Today hubby had to take our truck to get emissions failed and he had to replace the muffler and exhaust pipe, that cost $190, and after tabs, emissions and parts we spent $260 today.  It's a good thing I have a job and I'm bringing home some bacon now. It's funny I told my mother-in-law that now I have a job I was gonna bring home the bacon, and she said that my hubby and I will bring home the bacon together...which is true, it's just funny she put it that way, emphasising that we were both bringing in money. Lol. I love my mother-in-law very much, she is awesome I hope to some day get her to give up splenda in her coffee and use a more natural sweetener such as stevia... but I am cautious about talking to her about it because she doesn't like trying new things.  I don't want to piss her off, she is sensitive to things, especially changing her diet.
 Well, I guess that's all for now, hubby just got home and we are gonna go to costco and use our costco rebate. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)


  1. Hell yeah! everyone come over and visit! that would be fun! I have the heated seats too - not that I need them. LOL! It is touchy when you try to talk to others about being healthy. If they are not ready - they won't listen. Hubby and I have tried with his mom. She has Diabetes but just won't listen.

    Have a great weekend too. :-)

  2. Sorry about your car :( That really stinks, we had a truck that didn't pass emission a couple years back and they said all four catalytic converters needed to be replaced so we just let the car die. RIP to our old truck. :( It was going to cost more then it was worth. Bummer, but I totally know how you feel about "when it rains it pours." I know what you mean about suggesting this diet to others, my own mother complain she wants to eat different and really doesn't try to fix it. She makes excuses why she doesn't want to follow this diet, yet she does. She will on her own time I believe.

    It would have been great if everyone could have gotten together this weekend, it was beautiful here in GA. Almost 80 today and that is crazy for February. Wish we all lived closer!! Hope you had a good weekend. :)

  3. Rosalie and Lindsay,
    Mothers and mother-in-law's are funny, my own Mom is kinda doin the bfc but I don't know how serious she is about it. She seems to have little idea about avoiding fruits and veggies high in sugar.

    Anyway it's nice to have friends who's like Sherri said on her blog yesterday, If we kinda do it, it kinda works, if we really do it, it really works.