Wednesday, February 23, 2011

7th Week BFC Day 3

 Thanks for the encouragement about my job! Things are looking good on that front, I went this morning and filled out the form for them to do a background check, and he told me it was only a formality and he wanted to hire me yay! My godmother  Lori is the one who told me about the job and she gave me a good recommendation....and when I talked to my Mom today she said that Lori told her that they had liked me and were happy with my interview. I might start work tomorrow or Friday, so I guess I'm hitting the ground running. I am excited to work, and of course make some money.

Yesterday hubby and I went out to dinner to celebrate at this cool pub in our was so fun, since I have been unemployed we haven't gone out very much. I had a hamburger with cheese and no bun or ketchup or bbq sauce like I would have pre-bfc...2 slices tomato, a couple bites of this corn pasta salad, hubby took the rest to work for lunch today. And an Irish coffee, which if you are not familiar with it's whiskey in coffee, and whipped cream...they usually add sugar but I requested mine without sugar. I think that drink was a good belly choice, I really like beer but it is so high in carbs, especially the ones I like and mixed drinks just equal trouble. When we got home we snacked on some pumpkin seeds cuz I was hungry after basically eating a hamburger w/no bun and only a few bites of the side pasta. Oh and I also had a glass of Cabernet and took a hot bath with lavender which was very soothing.
As far as wine goes I prefer red now, I used to find it too strong but my tastes have changed since I've been married. Lindsay you can drink white on the bfc it is 0/0 but Jorge says 2 or less is best. (I sometimes have 3, and I'm still loosing, so I guess moderation is key) From what I have read about alcohol and the bfc I have learned most of the beer I like is high in carb, wine is fine except stay away from desert wines cuz they are high in sugar. And be cautious of most mixed drinks, because most of the mixes are super high in sugar such as pop, juice, margarita/daiquiri mix...but if you like vodka an bfc friendly drink is vodka on the rocks with lemon (I had it once and it took about 1.5 juices lemons to for me to drink it)

 I think you have to be aware of your own body and what works for you. While one person may be able to enjoy 1-2 glasses of wine and still lose that may not work for everyone. I find the days I do drink I don't eat very many whole grain carbs throughout the day, and maybe that's why I have been able to drink and still lose. I'm not advocating drinking, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter because I enjoy drinking in moderation, I'm 28 I don't have any kids and I'm not trying to get pregnant.
 I'm so glad I decided to do the bfc, and I am glad that I have met my bfc friends, we can do this one day at a time!!!!


  1. Yay about the job!! Thanks for letting me know about the wine. :) We are glad you are part of the BFC friends too! :)

  2. My son is doing the P90X diet. He likes it a lot and has lost over 20ibs on it. It is a low carb diet. D likes beer and found a good low carb one, Bud Select 55. Maybe you would like it. And, major congrats on the job too!! ":^D

  3. Thanks Helen, I've tried the Bud Select and thought it was decent, I didn't know it was low carb, I'll have to check it out with fresh bfc eyes. I'm glad to hear that your son is finding success with P90X, and thanks for the congrats on the job...I am nervous/excited...I just want to start and get the begining over with.

  4. And thank you Lindsay if Georgia and Washignton were closer we could have a glass of wine together, with the craziness you've been having you deserve a fat one :)