Thursday, February 24, 2011

7th Week BFC Day 4

Well, things are official I have a job and I start tomorrow. Boy howdy am I nervous, and excited, but mostly nervous. It snowed last night... a lot but it was beautiful...and the taho we are borrowing drives like a dream, much better than my car.
 Today I went to the mall, and for the first time I looked at the bathing suits and I didn't hate myself :) I saw a black tankini with white poka dots...I think I could actually see myself in it if I keep up the bfc. Then I went to victoria's secret and had a great time there buyin undies, I can't even remember the last time I didn't hate myself. I had a gift card from Christmas to spend, I really wanted this cute pair of p.j's with cherries on them, I love love love all things cherries...but I needed needed new undies.
Well, on to food.

Breakfast: greek yogurt lemon barleans black coffee

Lunch: stir-fry napa cabbage, baby bok choy, asparagus, 2mini sweet peppers, 2/3c edamame, portobello mushroom, with sesame oil, soy sauce, balsamic vin 1 packet stevia, cashews, sesame seeds.

Dinner: 2 glasses Cabernet. mini lasagna. shared dessert with hubby lindt 85% dark topped with 2 sugar free york peppermint patties microwaved until warm topped with redi whip, yummm


  1. Sounds like delicious stir fry!! Mmmm My mouth is watering for it now. Congrats on the job!! The bathing suit sounds really cute. :) I am no where near looking at bathing suits yet because I got lost of weight still to lose, so I just keep wearing the boring suit I have had for a couple years. I love Victoria secret, but not there bras...I had one for about 6 months and the clasps broke. :( Total bummer when it cost me like $40. I love there panties thought especially when there is a SALE!!! :) I also absolutely love love their lotions!!

  2. Hi Katie,
    Congrats on the job. I know thats gonna make you feel much better. I too like V. S. now that I am smaller I can actually shop there, but they are kind of expensive so I am waiting for a sale.
    Have a great day! :-)

  3. Getting new uncerwear is really nice isn't it? I am really looking forward to that when I am smaller. I am glad you don't hate youself now, I uncerstand that feeling all too well. We are so hard on ourselves arn't we? I am sure you will be fine on the new job. I will think of you and send you super positive vibes tommorrow. ":^D