Thursday, February 17, 2011

6th Week BFC Day 4

I am still having sleeping problems, so I woke up late again. This whole week I haven't been able to fall asleep until 2 or 3, it's been very discouraging. I've been on facebooks bfc discussion boards, and I find it really encouraging I like sharing what I have learned I really believe that a diet low in sugar is for the best...I hope to be my goal weight/size before summer so I can enjoy more fruits while they are in season.

Brunch: spinach salad with a can of tuna, olives, blue cheese celery Newman's olive oil and vin dressing. 1/2c brown rice.

Afternoon snack: one dove sugar free raspberry creme cut into pieces with redi whip on top. 1 fried egg. 1 oz pumpkin seeds.

Dinner: stir-fry with celery mushrooms edamame 2mini sweet peppers asparagus water chestnuts. cashews on top. I should have made some protein cuz I was still hungry so hubby and i made some air popped pop corn while that was poppin I had some cheese its...I'm pretty sure I went over my carbs for dinner...I guess I did some poor planning. Oh well better luck tomorrow.


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  3. I just found you had a blog. I guess you just created recently, because I have seen you post before but didn't see your blog until now. But looks like your doing really well. The first two weeks are the hardest and then it gets much easier from then on. Good luck girl!! We are all very supportive in our blogger circle. Between, Kasey, Minichick, Diana, Rosalie, Amber, Sherri, and I may have left someone out...but we all call ourselves the BFC sisterhood. Anytime you need us, just write! :) YOU can do this!

    Sorry I had to delete my comments, I typed all crazy. My fingers move faster then my brain lol!!!

  4. Thank you Lindsay for being my first follower, as you can see I'm very new to this whole blog thing and I'm still figuring out the whole design/format thing.
    I love how supportive the blogger circle is, I've been following everyone's blogs for several weeks now and that's what inspired me to start my own.
    Everyone is so helpful in what they have to say...I especially love Rosalie saying how we can do this... and not to give up. I believe we can :)

  5. Here here!!! Our little band of chickies is wonderful! I'm glad you have joined us. It's my first time blogging as well. I started my blog for the same reason you did; I wanted to be a part of this great group of women for support. Despite my ups and downs lately and deciding not to be strictly BFC, they still are very supportive and inclusive towards me, which I really appreciate. It's just a great group of women!