Sunday, June 5, 2011

20th Week BFC Day 7

Good evening everyone. I hope everyone had a nice weekend, I did the sun was finally out and I had a nice weekend with my folks. Sometimes it's nice to have your parents all to yourself, hubby is enjoying having his folks all to himself. Today I was really wanting some wine but I drank tea instead.
  •  Helen really helped me to stay strong because she said "in times of temptation you really have to think it through" and then she asked what decisions we need to make to help us reach our goals. Well, that's an easy one for beloved red wine. I feel so proud of myself for not getting a bottle, especially with hubby gone there would be nothing stopping me from drinking the whole thing. Thank you Helen and I hope you get the hang of the Hot Tomato soon :)
  • Rosalie's youtube videos have also been helping me stay focused on the bfc and to stick with it and not give up. Making the bfc a lifestyle has been hard but good for me. Thank you for everything Rosalie :)
  • It is important to stick with the bfc even when it feels hard and like nothing is happening.
Well, I guess that's all for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Lets keep sharing and supporting each other, staying on the straight and narrow is hard when we live in such a high sugar world. You guys are awesome and even though we have never met I love and appreciate all of you :)

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  1. Hi Katie,

    I know that was hard to pass up the wine. I know Jorge says to drink 2 glasses a day is OK - but let's face it....That is only for the already skinny people. Any alcohol is very fattening and should be drank in moderation only. Not like he says.
    I am proud of you! As a matter of fact - now I want some. LOL!

    Support is the key for success in this.

    Have a great day! :-)