Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keepin up the BFC 21st week day 4

Hello everyone. Today was just one of those days. I woke up with lots of anxiety, the goal I set for myself concerning the apt overhaul is not realistic so everything won't look perfect as I envisioned for hubby. I need his help in moving some things and getting rid of other things. I thought of an idea for a funny wedding card during this ordeal: Marriage....when your crap doubles. Anyway in the process I tried on some summer clothes and my old bathing suit of from several years ago fits again :)

To deal with my anxiety I drank lots of tension tamer tea and sat on the couch, I didn't do any of my usual morning exercise and I hoped I could leave work early. Of course that didn't happen, I was very busy and had to stay late. Of course I wanted to get a bottle of wine, I hope you guys don't think I have an alcohol problem, I just really like it and want it more since I have said I need to hold off for awhile. Discipline is hard.

Yesterday I went and saw hubby's grandma in the hospital, she is doing ok a little confused. The plan is that she will move in with my in-laws when they get home. So, I am looking forward to hubby coming home tomorrow and getting my in-laws settled in . I am a little nervous for tomorrow cuz I have my 90 day eval at work, although I don't think I have anything to worry about my co-workers have all told me that they like me and that I'm a hard worker.

Congrats Kay on your weight loss!!! One of these days I will have hubby help me fix my blog so I can comment on every one's blogs again. I wonder if some of your friends haven't commented on your weight loss cuz they are jealous? I mean practically 20 lbs is a lot and I'm sure they have noticed. Anyway you are doing awesome :)

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  1. Hi Katie, Take your time on the apt. What ever you get done you get done. Crap doubles is funny.
    I know your eval will go great.
    Its OK to treat yourself once in a while w/the wine you know. You don't have to go cold turkey.
    Have a great day !! :-)