Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday!!!!

Hello friends and thank you for such nice comments, I really appreciate them! I know that without our little bfc blog community I would have given up long ago. When I first started the bfc it felt so weird to limit fruits and watch for carbs and to learn about such high ammounts of sugar in products I love. It makes me sad that several of the girls I followed in the beginning are no longer blogging. I really miss Helen I also wish I had saved some of the things she said before she closed her blog.  Sometimes I feel like I am back in junior high, who wants to be my friend, who doesn't want to be my friend, and when people don't want to be my friend I get a little butt hurt...go figure.

It's been a strange week for me, I've been cranky and irritable and also having #2 problems, my benefiber and coffee isn't cutting it, and my allergies are killing me! So yesterday I went to the store and got some super seed beyond fiber and I also found some think thin bites in cookies and cream yummm. They taste like a cookie  and they have no sugar but 1s carb due to 5g sugar alcohol  I think they will make a nice occasional snack. I got a little ego boost on my way home yesterday, while at a stop light the guy in the truck next to me asked for my number, I told him I was married but it made me feel nice. I told hubby and he said that would have made him feel good too, I'm so glad he is not a jealous guy and we can share things like that with each other.

Well, I guess that's all for now I need to exercise before work I know it will help my mood. I hope everyone has a nice Friday, treat yourself today in a way that doesn't involve cheating on the bfc.

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  1. I really know how you feel about all that. I have seen so many drop off and I get a bit hurt - like I could have done more to help them. But we can only control ourselves.
    And you are so cute - it;s a wonder your hubby doesn't have to fight them off with a stick.
    Have a great day :-)