Friday, June 17, 2011

22nd Week BFC Day 5

Good morning friends, I am up early hubby is still sleeping he has the day off. He is such a wonderful hubby I was very busy at work yesterday and had to work late, so I asked him to call his sister and decided what we are having for our father's day bbq. We are having one big get together at my folks with my in-laws and hubbys sister and her boyfriend. The plan in shrimp and steak kabobs. He also made dinner last night which was very yummy. I put a whole chicken in the crock pot which is the first time I did that. When he got home he took the meat and made enchiladas with the smart and delicious low carb tortillas.

A BFC friendly Enchilada Recipe:
Cooked chicken
2 cans cream of chicken (we used mushroom cuz it's what we had on hand)

1 c. sour cream
1 can mild green chillies
Tortillas (I used the smart and delicious low carb)
Cheddar cheese

I am sure every one is familiar with how to make enchiladas so I will leave it at that. I am very excited to have something warm and yummy for lunch. The weather has been blah and everyone is complaining although I remember as a kid June always sucked and was fickle. I think people just want June, July and August to be warm and perfect summer weather. Perfect summer's are really only for kids who have no bills or real responsibilities and summer means vacation and play. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday :)


  1. I love the way a chicken comes out when you cook it in a crock pot. Just falls apart.
    Katie, video tape yourself making the enchiladas and I will feature it on my blog :-)

  2. That sounds yummy. When you cook the chicken in the crockpot, do you put it in whole? Skin? Chicken broth with it? I have done chicken breasts with salsa or BBQ (in the old days) but I haven't ever done a whole chicken.
    I am sooooooooooo tired of this weather that I could scream!!! It is so unmotivating for me. I love sunshine!!!

  3. Katie reading about the chicken enchiladas is making me hungry! Yum! I just tried a gluten and sugar free recipe for Banana Nut Muffins and they tasted super delicious and they were pretty easy to whip up! Even my carb and sugar loving husband loved them! Wow! The recipe is on the Healthy Indulgences link. Your hubby sounds like a real keeper and I can tell from your blog that you are a real sweetie too. Thanks for commenting on my comment. I dont have a blog but I always look forward to reading yours! Sounds like your job is going great, congratulations! Have a great week!