Tuesday, June 28, 2011

24th Week BFC Day 1

Good morning everyone. Well, my weekend party carried on into Monday which was not the plan. My friend Kelly is in town we have been buds for a long time. She is a elementary teacher and is moving from Idaho to Utah, she is divorced and feeling lonely. So after work we went to a cool coffee house by my apt and I had a glass of wine which we enjoyed on the patio it was perfect. We were there until they closed at 6...we should have gone back to my apt after that but we went to a martini bar...and you know how easily those suckers slide down :( Hubby came and picked us up. Anyway I am back on the wagon after my weekend of having more drinks than is belly friendly. Once I am finished I am gonna get in some good exercise before work. I need to work on having some discipline when my friends are trying to pressure me to have more drinks than I know I should. At the time I felt like I was being a good friend by having drinks with her. It's funny how my thinking was backwards after some drinks. Well, lesson learned the hard way. I should have made a plan for myself and then stuck to it. As it was I had a vague plan and didn't stick to it.

Well, I guess I better go and exercise. Have a nice day everyone :)


  1. Katie, that is my weak area too. I love my wine. I figured it's acutally not the worse thing you could have. It's better than cakes and cookies because the sugar is low. Weekends are especially hard because we hang out at the beach and have these long happy hours. Trying to work it all in and still lose. What a battle! Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Well it sounds like you had fun at least. Don't worry too much about it. Just let it go and move on. Like Pattie said - there are much worse things.
    Have a great day :-)