Saturday, June 18, 2011

22nd Week BFC Day problems again

Hello everyone, and Happy Saturday! I love Saturday mornings I feel so relaxed and I love having the  whole weekend ahead of me. Thank you for such nice comments on my blog the yesterday.
  •  Making a video of me making enchiladas is a little of my comfort zone, but I will work on it.
  • For the whole chicken in the crock pot I simply rinsed it with water, took out the guts, put salt and pepper and garlic powder on top. I made three balls out of foil to put the chicken on so it would sit above the fat as it cooked. I cooked it with the chicken skin on and cooked it on low all day.
  • Thank you Ginger for the heads up on the muffins from the healthy indulgences blog, I know hubby will appreciate your suggestion he has been wanting muffins for a long time.
I am looking forward to Father's Day tomorrow, we are having a nice get together at my folks with my folks and my in-laws. Two birds with one stone whoo hoo! We are having shrimp and steak kabobs which are belly friendly, but the dessert my sis-in-law is bringing is not so I plan on having a square or two of dark chocolate with my after dinner coffee. I don't eat dessert all the time but it is smart to have a plan for parties, cuz I know sis will most likely say just have a little and it won't hurt. But thanks to Rosalie's constant encouragement I have found the courage to be strong and stick to what I am doing without being afraid of hurting any one's feelings. Sis is a very sweet person but we see the world very very differently. Hubby and his sis have a great relationship even though they disagree on politics and religion.

Well, I should go for now I have lots of chores to get done. I hope everyone has a nice weekend, keep up the bfc and don't cheat cuz it's the weekend.

P.S. what do you guys know about needing to be invited to read a blog? I went to read Helen's blog and it said I needed to be invited to read her blog. I'm a little confused, I also noticed she is no longer following my blog and several others.

And it appears I am having problems with my blog again, what a pain in the ass. When I am on my dashboard and I go to click on a blog it comes up as if I'm not signed in... GRRRR


  1. I checked to see if I could see Helen's blog too. It doesn't allow me either. I hope it isn't because I told her working out on an empty stomach is dangerous? Me and my opinions! Hopefully it's just a glitch:(
    The chicken sounds good, I will have to try it.
    We are going to "rock" the summer, when it comes....someday....

  2. Well it did the same thing for me - I guess we are not invited anymore??
    It must be a problem - that's all. I hope.
    I am not having any problems with mine. I use Google Chrome browser when I log in, don't know if that makes a difference or not??
    Have a great time with your family - and don't worry, have a bite or 2 of 1 thing.