Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trying not to be a slave to the scale

Good morning everyone, and happy Saturday! Good news I talked to my Dr. yesterday about my late period and told her that I had taken several negative pregnancy tests and to my great relief she said not to worry about it  AAAHHHH (big sigh of relief) I also learned that when you take a 24hr allergy pill and if you need a little more you can take a benadryl as well. Another big relief because my allergies were bothering my like crazy this week. Even people who are not usually bothered by allergies have been complaining.

Isn't it crazy how different scales will give you different weights? At my folks I am about 134-135 lbs, and I weighted myself at work (fully clothed of course :) and 142. I talked to a co-worker and she said that scale gave her a higher weight than the one at her gym...go figure. I think we need to try not to be slaves to the scale. The scale can't tell you if you are losing the dangerous fat around your organs your visceral fat the kind you can't see. It can't tell you if you are building muscle or retaining water. The bfc is more like a marathon rather than a sprint, it's a lifestyle and not a quick fix. We need to be kind to ourselves and not measure our success by the scale. I haven't mastered this myself, but I'm working on it.


  1. I too weigh entirely too much. I just feel that I need to know. All scales are different, so I only go by the one at home and weigh in the mornings before I shower and after I go to he bathroom in the buff. By doing the exact same way each time - it might be more accurate.
    BTW - I chatted w/Helen on facebook. she didn't really say why she went private - just said she is fine.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Good advice my wise friend. Maybe we all need to have a "scale" cure too:( My scale is a weight watcher approved scale and the only one I use. I do know what you mean about the visceral fat being what's important. Mine has definitely receded!
    Good news on your Flo and allergies:)

  3. very wise advice about the scale, as long as the number on the scale is going down over time you shouldn't worry about the different scale numbers. i like your comment about this being a marathon and not a sprint. i refer to it as the little tin god, it's just a tool and i'm going to eat this way for the rest of my life no matter what it says.

  4. btw, helen has helped me so much, she's such a blessing. i talked to her last night and she was very helpful and supportive.

  5. I've learned that we can only use the scale as a guide. Every scale I get on shows a different result, and it depends on the time of day I weigh in, not to mention what I ate the night before for dinner! It's not the only measure of progress - just make sure you are taking measurements every now and then, too. Happy Sunday!