Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lesson learned the hard way

Good morning everyone. Can you believe it's June already? Where has the time gone? I still haven't messed with my computer, so I am still having problems with blogger when I fix it I will resume commenting on everyone's blogs. Hubby and I have just been busy getting ready for his parents to come back.

Sunday and Monday I was a bad girl. After being so excited about my weight I indulged in some red wine and yukon jack...bad bad bad and belly bad. Monday I felt like crap. And to add to things we went to a 21st birthday party and I ate a slice of cake. Bad Katie :( I know better and I should have stayed away, but in the moment I didn't give a F I wantedt the cake. Literally after eating the cake my tummy hurt :( I don't know how Sunday and Monday affected my weight cuz I don't have a scale. I have been doing lots of water, fiber, and exercise. My tummy is still not right I am amazed that it is now Wednesday and I still feel like crap. I think too much sugar affected my GI track cuz I still haven't had a normal #2....sorry TMI I know. Anyway, that's my tale of woe. But, I tell ya what it will make me think twice about cheating with something high in sugar again. Lesson learned too much sugar = yucky tummy and messed up #2

I love you guys, I hope everyone has a good start to this new month. If you have cheated like I did forgive yourself and get back on the wagon. :)


  1. Hi Katie,
    I think you feel guilty more than anything else. Next time just do like I do and take bet 1-3 bites and then stop. That way you can taste it but not feel guilty.
    Feel better and have a nice day :-)

  2. Lessons are good:) They remind of us of what we forgot!

  3. Get back in the saddle! You're young and you can recover fast, it's my age that things don't spring back into place when I indulge, and I can feel it too. Remember to take your Probiotics daily. Should help with your tummy and poop recovery:)

  4. rosalie, i like your 1-3 bite indulgence.